AI and Deep Learning Workshop at SR Engineering College, Warangal
17th June-19th June, 2018

Toppers of the Workshop

1. K Adi Narayana Reddy, ACE Engineering College

2. Moghekar Rajeshwar, Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management


Feedback from the participants

Vadla Navakishor: Everyone get at least some idea about AI

A Obulesh: Its very much informative and knowledgeable

Gogula Sreeenivasulu: More Technical topics covered

Dr V Prasad: Trainers are good enough and expertized

Anupama Angadi: Good initiative

K Adi Narayana Reddy: Add time series problem

V. Maheshwar Reddy: It is a good platform to gain knowledge on AI and DEEP Learning


Ramsha: Good initiative, very useful for the freshers in AI and Deep Learning fields.

Udaybhaskar: Go and attend it is usefull

Lingamurthy Madaraboina: This is workshop to become a quick master of deep learning

Shashank Tiwari: Genuinely one of the best workshop on AI and Deep learning. Surely it will help student in their career.

Venkataramana Veeramsetty: Participate in workshop, Definitely will gain some additional knowledge

Rajeshwar Rao Arabelli: provide the material prior to the workshop

Aarepu Lakshman:

Sandeep Ch: More scope for research in this area

K. Ramesh Babu: Very informative

kannan shanmugam: One Must attend who started to work on Deep Learning

ANUGULA RAJAMALLAIAH: It should more interactive and should have less theory and more practical

Pramod Kumar P: very useful

S.Rajesh: More sessions

Dr. Pushpender Sarao: Expert team was very good and energetic

Rajanikanth Aluvalu: One of the good workshops i have attended. There is definite take away from workshop.

B Arun Kumar: It is better to learn about AI & Deep learning.

Muralikrishna: it is a very useful and emerging technology


Sridevi Chitti: you can gain something about AI


Navya P:


SOMESH K: Definitely helps the academicians to deliver the subjects in a better way and make students understand better

Sudheer Kumar Komuravelly: Come to workshop with preparation like gain fundamentals on AI otherwise one can't connect that much easily.


Dr. P.Kanchanamala: coming with all pre-requisite fulfillment would be good

Priya Vaijayanthi: P KISHORE:

Krishna Chythanya Nagaraju: Excellent chance to learn many new things. Be there for all sessions so that you dont be left with any point

SAINADH SINGH KSHATRI: This workshop is very useful for people who are interested in AI

Raghavendra Gupta T: Keep it doing

M. Tarakeshwar Rao: Excellent.....Go for it

Dr. B. Vedik: Need more workshops on this topic which need to conducted for 5 days.


sk prashnath: punctuality IN CONDUCTING WORSHOP

G Ranadheer Reddy: new ideas about AI and Deep learning

AJITH KUMAR: its very good initiative those who are interested to learn AI & Deep Learning

CH.RAJENDRA PRASAD: Creates more interest on Deep learning to do my research

S NARESH KUMAR: well planned and executed

Gotlur Karuna: Very useful workshop and more informative

Abdul Majeed: Good initiation towards the AI and Deep learning

SHEKAR Y: its a good initiative ,definitely its a boon to learning minds

S NageswaraRao: increase workshop days

SEELAM NAGARJUNA REDDY: Good initiative, Learned alot.

Sumathi D:

Mohammad Abdussami: learn pyhon basics first.

RAMAKRISHNA P: give more excercises

P.venkateshwarrao: Thank you for being a participant of leading

K Rajeev Brahma: It's Definitely a Very Good intiative

Mutyala Vijayashanthi: this workshop will help in research in the field of classification (deep learning)

Santhosh kumar dontha: Very good platform to learn DL for new learners.

Anil Kumar Dasari: Really it would be helpful

Ram Kumar RP : Excellent eye opening session for the students and researcher on Machine Learning Domain.

s.sujana: well organized

Chandrasekhara Reddy T: A great learning experience. A perfect start for AI research which helps to contribute the society by

Vikas Bandaru: Very good experience. Must participate.

T.chaitanya: it will be helpfull


mounika merugu: give chance to more paticipants

L.V.Rajani Kumari: Excellent lectures

Soumya Pothupogu: a little prior knowledge on AI would help the participants understand better.


List of Participants who Successfully Completed Workshop

1. A Obulesu

2. Aadi Narayana Reddy

3. Anil Kumar Dasari

4. Anugula Rajamallaiah

5. Anupama Angadi

6. Arun Kumar Beerala

7. Chaitanya Thuppari

8. Chandrasekhara Reddy T

9. Etyala Ajith Kumar

10. G Ranadheer Reddy

11. Gotlur Karuna

12. K Ramesh Babu

13. Kannan Shanmugam

14. Krishna Chythanya

15. Kurumeti N S L Kumar

16. Lakshman Aarepu

17. Lingamurthy Madaraboina

18. Moghekar Rajeshwar

19. Mohammad Abdussami

20. Muralikrishna B

21. Nagarjuna Reddy Seelam

22. Nageswararao Sirisala

23. Naresh Kumar

24. Navya P

25. P. Kanchana Mala

26. Pinninti Kishore

27. Pramod Kumar

28. Rajendra Prasad chintha

29. Prashanth SK

30. Priya Vaijayanthi

31. Rajanikanth Aluvalu

32. Rajanikumari L V

33. Rajeev Brahma

34. Rajeshwarrao Arabelli

35. Ram Deshmukh

36. Ram Kumar R P

37. Ramakrishna P

38. Ramesh Yadhav

39. Ramsha Karampuri

40. S. Rajesh

41. Sainadh Singh

42. Sandeep Chintham

43. Santhosh Kumar Dontha

44. Shashank Tiwari

45. Shekar Yedunuri

46. Sheshikala Martha

47. Shyam Sunder Jannu Soloman

48. Somesh Katta

49. Soumya Pothupogu

50. Sreedhar Jinka

51. Sreenivasulu Gogula

52. Sridevi Chitti

53. Srinivas Aluvala

54. Sudheer Kumar Komuravelly

55. Sujana Chowdary

56. Sumathi D

57. Tarakeshwarrao Mandarapu

58. Uday V

59. Vadla Navakishor

60. Vancha Maheshwarreddy

61. Vedik B

62. Venkataramana Veeramsetty

63. Vijayashanthi

64. Vikas Bandaru

65. Vikram Singh Meena


Other Details

Free Lunch and snacks will be provided to the participants

There is no Hostel facility available, Participants from outside should book their stay in one of the following hotels

Nearby Hotels for stay
1) Harita Kakatiya Hotel,
2) Suprabha Hotel,
3) Ashoka Hotel,
4) Landmark Hotel,

Contact Person for any query regarding the workshop at SR Engineering College, Warangal : Srinivas Aluvala & Mr Ramsha Karampuri
Email: and
Phone Number: +91 9866250307 and 8143952895

Workshop Coordinator: Dr Ram Deshmukh Phone: 9704955020

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