AI and Deep Learning Workshop at Ansal University, Gurugram
September 22, 2018 to September 23, 2018

Overall Feedback of the Workshop

Dhrruv Tokas: I'd love to be a part of it

Akshat kashyap: it was awesome

Ashish Khatana: I recommend everyone to attend this workshop.Instructors are Amazing and their sense of humour is something else,their concepts are clear and they are ready to answer if you have any doubts *on the spot*

Krishan Kumar: attend it for better learning

Shubham Udar: effecient and impressive

Kunal Yadav: Don't give up on this workshop. It may sound boring but you will develop the interest once you start understanding the basic concepts.

Dodi Malik: keep going and you all are doing really well :)

Aditi Jain: Interactive,based on real time aaplications

Abhinav Tayal: It was a good experience to know about the technology and get the model hands on.

Mansarab Singh: Just try it for having great exposure about the topic

Gagan Gupta: It was really a great experience.

Anubhav Sinha: Whether Deep Learning is your field or not, make sure to attend workshops as it gives you more knowledge to understand the world as to which field to opt for.

APARNA SINGH: do listen carefully and surely you will enjoy and will get chocolates for participating. :p

Sherry: The workshop gives you excellent insights on the topics from a beginners point of view and helps you enrich your concepts of Deep Learning.

Ajay Singh Chouhan : This workshop is too good for learning python fully . We can learn the python.

Ashish Pandey: We'll Be Very Lucky To Attend Workshops Like This

Luv Mahalwal : Must attend this. A good workshop in such a short span of time. Very resourceful and creative.

Jhanvi Gulati: I want to say that it was a great platform for participants having a interest in deep learning .I would greatly encourage all the prospective participants to actively take part in near future.

Ambadas Shinde: It was a nice experience to be part of this workshop. All the sessions were truly appreciable.

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