AI and Deep Learning Workshop at Bennett University, Greater Noida
August 31, 2019 to September 01, 2019

Overall Feedback of the Workshop

Anushka Garg: Informative and good Isha: All the concepts were covered in an effective manner

Akshat Mishra: informative, enthusiastic and fun

Siddharth Prabhu: If you are expecting a lot of coding/practical this workshop is not for you it is for the people who like to know and understand the working of the technology

Tanuj Sharma: must willing to hear and learn new thing to understand what was going in the workshop, otherwise they will feel bored.

Antriksh Malik: It's going to go beyond whatever the shallow amount of knowledge you read initially every time on blogs and you will feel that you grasped some new concepts.

Rohit Singh Rathore: Workshop was very informative and communication with instructor was great

Anwesh Badapanda: Must attend this workshop if you are truly interested in Deep Learning.

Dhwani Patel: Very informative and interesting and a good place to begin to start learning about artificial intelligence and deep learning

Shivam Verma: Bout HAARRRDDD.

Shashwat Singh Raghav: the workshop was great you must concentrate in workshop it will help you very much in future

Tushar Inani: This is What You are Looking for...

Manish Sharma: A great workshop for a run through about deep learning

Apurva Bhardwaj: Future is bright with such an enlightening tech which helps to make machines our slaves.

Vaibhav Sethia: Dont judge a book by its cover. Machine learning as it seems to be cool nowdays require depth of thinking, connecting dots and most important visualization

Siddharth Ohri: The instuctor was very good and it is a good subject to research on as it will generate more employment

Ahsan Mamud: the instructor was good and nice

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