MOOC Development Workshop at CMR Group of Colleges, Hyderabad
October 06, 2018 to October 0, 2018

Overall Feedback of the Workshop very motivational presenter Welldone enjoy answering through menti Adobe presenter time length is too long. i think it can be shortened larning how to create video adobe presenter Motivation screencast on line quiz using Manthimeter This workshop may conducted for one more day "mentimeter " Interactive video if we add virtual reality and AI technology in presentation it will be more interactive and up coming area Mentimeter is more interested. Editing vedios such as adding two files and addition of special effects are needed.

vidyullathakodur@gmail.cocm: asking questions and quiz gives interaction with students and we can know how much of the content reached them when we publish our videos it is interesting to see ourselves. Require few more instructors to assist the learners and internet connection should be proper If we are able to develop the videos during the session,then we will be able to solve our problems in the presence of instructor effectively very long process but useful and enjoying it is very good,we can add these features to our class room teaching and can make more & more interesting and attractive. Mentimeter enjoyed a lot ,the different perspective of trainer, he is very convincing QUIZ More practical sessions advances to deliever the lecture effectively presentation with audio and video. Making videos mentimeter our own video "1)Before workshop , should instruct the participants to bring laptop , or systems should be equipped with web cams, then its more effective. 2) how to create you tube channel is not covered. 3) thanks for coming from long distance sir." created video if procedural steps are given in print it would useful to many for practice at home Introducing to New Apps and how to launch our Videos through them. The Professor was very persuasive and motivating us constantly. If the system is with webcam and microphone ,it will be good for hands-on training I enjoyed concept and video presenter recording through screen o matic Creating self videos and Explaination regarding the use of the hands on session.. pop up questions "1.we need more practice on session,then we can able to do presentation in a good manner. 2.Shall we send our presentation to u sir,so that,we have feedback from u." teaching material explanation is systematic and motivating software download and installation is little difficult overall good the most i like is that after publishing the videos seeing ourselves on the screen . More instructors are required to assist the learners Guidance about making our own videos and practicing on the software and of course the mentimeter's fastest finger first round. No practice in presence of speaker because of unavailability of webcams Its good. voltmeter make teams and assign individual faculty for each team for practice. we can share our knowledge to massive audience through video lectures Hands on experience is good and usage of and are usuful and interesting. menti quiz is soo excited.

shailkarimullabasha@cmrcet.og: not right now Mentimeter quiz is excited to do. First morning session was appreciable and enjoyed. More time has to be alter for this course it was nice trial versions of software not that much effective ,so by practice presentations are become more effective Preparing videos. In this workshop , using the adobe, lite cam and screen-cast software's are only effective for theory subjects. My suggestion is that also conduct workshop for preparing videos with hand written. Thank you sir This platform will help to many students and lectures nice lectures on making of videos for publishing Mentimeter video lecture we require this kind of resource persons always. I thank Dr.Batia for his valuable workshop and I thank our Management ,Principal Sir and HOD CSE Dr.vijay kumar sir No suggestions would like to appreciate about 1. effective teaching and 2. Motivated me to create video lectures. Motivation Audience should have basic knowledge of computer and sofetwares is more interactive session,also adobe presenter give more options to present a video in more effective manner Video preparation and quiz with material Conducting these type of workshops at least once in every semester during semester breaks, then every faculty member will learn and they can create videos of their own then everyone's class room may be interactive making interaction videos,mentimeter Making a video

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