AI and Deep Learning Workshop at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar
March 29, 2019 to March 31, 2019

Overall Feedback of the Workshop

SIVA SRAVANA KUMAR NEELI: The workshop went with good interaction between mentors and students

Ayush Mathur:

kashyap gohil: it was good.

Kanika Agrawal: Its worth investing

Ankit K: Covered a lot of concepts in short time.

Jaimin Chaudhari: Just join it. It's a best opportunity to start with deep learning.

Hardikkumar Chhatrala: Will always ready to attended workshop.

Jeet Patel: agian very good

Keval Dave: it was very good

Kratika Varshney: It is a must attend workshop for all AI and ML students.

Ankita Mungalpara: It's worth to be participate

Rahul Khanchandani:

Rishi Dave: do not miss it

Sohil Khokhar: if you are interested in a.i and want to do research in this field please attend workshop

DHRUV: It is fantastic.

Malav Shah: It was nice.

Akansha Tyagi: Very good for freshers

Mehul Patel: Demonstration was all about the image, We also expect a audio, text demonstration in RNN

Mainak Chaudhuri: Those who want to explore Ai, its quite good

Pushya M. Shah: Must attend the workshop it is too good.


Rajul Acharya: Can be organised in parts. Series of lectures which are week long.

V V Vinay: Do join the workshop don't miss it...

Shalini Purohit: overall it was very good and beneficial workshop for us.

Mohit Shah: it was nice

ADARSH SHIVHARE: Do join the workshop don't miss it

Rajat Kumar: Model Trained Properly :)

Divya Bhatia : Attend with attention

Mohit Tanwani: For fundamentals of AI, this workshop will work..

Ruchi Chourasia: Nice interactive session

Praveen Kumar Singh:

Chirag Modi: Gain a lot knowledge. But workshop is mainly for those who have almost no knowledge in ML-AI stuff and just want to know how things work but don't want to be a profound guy that knows all about ML. Just basics stuff.

Naitik Parekh: Go for it

Riya Sadrani: It is really very very productive. If u get a chance ,do not miss it.

Manish Kumar: Very well executed. Surprised by shear talent of faculty members in workshop. Keep it up!! Hope to see you again!!

Vaishali Mandowara: everything was good and well managed

Taher Makda:

Hardik Modi: Lot of thing to learn form theoretical perspective. Newbie will definitely feel lot more involved and confident about ML.

Ishan Mehta:

Abhijit: Learn something about deep learning before workshop

Gautam: This workshop gives basic knowledge about deep learning and machine learning. So if you don't have knowledge about ML and DL, you should attend this workshop because you need zero knowledge to attend this workshop.

Vishal Tanwani: it was very good any body who want to get the basic knowledge about ai and deep learning then it is must

ashita phulwani:

CHARIN: Every student who want to do work in machine learning must attend this workshop.


Vrushti Shah:

Vishvesh Jani: Going to this workshop will definately give you a head start in this field.

Soniya Gopaldas Vasyani: must attend.

Harsh Desai: Workshop has both Theory and Hands-on Parallely done which is quite beneficial to quickly grasp the basics of algorithms even for Newbie.

sherashiya shyam: make more hands on with line by line coding.

Rohan Sharma: Must Go.

Zeel Modi: Please spare some time extra for workshop

Yash Shah: nothing

Reena: If one has some basic knowledge about ai attending the workshop will be really beneficial with providing you the information in depth

Vatsal Dave: Best platform to learn Artificial Intelligence and to perform practicals

shabbirhussain: It was handcrafted for people having the basic knowledge to ones having a good exposure, the questions from both kind of people were entertained and answered and everyone gets to learn something new.

bhargav dave: Workshop is very good.All concepts explain in very good manner.

Parita Chavda: wonderful workshop

Apurva Parikh: It is worth attending workshop as lecturers are working too hard and you can take advantage of their knowledge as they are expert in their fiels.

Hiral Patel: This workshop is provides the effective way to learn ML with hands on experiments

Urjit Shah:

Shah Jainam: It's good to attend the workshop.

Grishma Shaw: May be a 5 day workshop would be better for them.

Shubham Lata: Dr Vipul Mishra is a delight to engage with in AI-related queries, he has solved any and all concerns with utmost ease. It is inspiring to know and be taught by him.

Taher Mandapwala: Instructors were amazing, helpful, and knowledgeable people and they were easily approachable

Divyesh Rajpura: Overall the workshop was very informative and inspiring and covers very basic building blocks of AI/ML, so the people with no understanding or minimal understanding can also understand in very effective manner.

Himadri Pandya: "Definitely attend it to supplement your classroom knowledge of AI with practical implementation considerations"

Avkash Chevli: This workshop can be helpful to many people who are interested to develop AI.

Siddharth Mishra: Every student whoever is interested in AI and Deep learning, this is a good platform to explore as this small workshop give you so many knowledge to start with.

Abhimanyu Singh Bisht: Discussions about hyper-parameters was very helpful and the lab sessions helped in visualizing the architectures discussed to some extent

Manish Patel: Even with little background, the workshop gave me enough confidence to explore Deep Learning for the trending applications

Jaideep Warrier:

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