AI and Deep Learning Workshop at Poornima University, Jaipur
12th October-14th October, 2018

How to Reach

Toppers of the Workshop

1. Aman Khandelwal, Poornima University, Jaipur

2. Atul Kumar Verma, Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur


Overall Feedback of the Workshop

Kripa Shanker Chaturvedi: More Interest

Ayush Sogani: We will be happy to have such more sessions frequently

Harish Kumar Pamnani:

pushpendra singh: by far it is best workshop i have attended

Manju Lata Joshi: good enough for the beginners who wants to start their research in Machine Learning.

Ravi Kumar: Time is changing , Indian should lead new technology

Sumit Kumar Meena: "You will gain something which is better than nothing "

Manoj Kumar Saini: I want know about more..and this area...

Piyush Mittal : The workshop is helpful to learn the new concepts

Dharmendra kumar: Workshop was very good, new technology.

Ruchi Nanda: It is very informative and lab exercises are even understandable by the beginners. Well structured...........

Suyash Kodnani: workshop is all over good

Md Nawaid Anjum: It was fantastic , Good Learning

Deepak Moud: It is must attend workshop.

Atul Kumar Verma: its good learning, & easy to identify our PHD topic

Atrakesh Pandey: Great

Naman Kumar: Definitely any body have to attend this workshop you not only lean about AI and Deep learning you will motivate for the future.

Anubha Jain: Worth the time spent.

Preeti Tiwari: Learning is an Ongoing process... this workshop opens new avenues of the same.

Mohit Kumar: It is excellent and i may participate in workshops in the future

Tejesh Bharadwaj: They are excellent instructors. They solved our AI problems and explained in very brief.

Keren Lois Daniel: program was interactive and good initiative for those who are in the research process.

garima sharma: that workshop is very meanigful knowledgeable learning & productable


avinash sharma: good learning process

Jitender Kumar: such type of workshop will be held in future....for gaining the knowledge with real technology scenario

DR.Geeta Gandhi: I must say that you are really fruitful work for enhancing the technical skills of the society . Thanks a lot.

Priya Koolwal: I gotta say, this is an effective learning platform for every student who wanna be in deep learning and AI field. Like me...haha

devenda somwanshi:

Dushyant Singh: Such Type of workshops will be held in Future for gaining the knowledge about AI and Deep learning

Sakshi Indolia: The workshop was informative, well organized.


List of Participants who Successfully Completed Workshop

1. Aman Khandelwal

2. Anubha Jain

3. Anurag Kataria

4. Arpita Banerjee

5. Atrakesh Pandey

6. Atul Kumar Verma

7. Avi Agrawal

8. Avinash Sharma

9. Ayush Sogani

10. Chitresh Banerjee

11. Deepak Moud

12. Devendra Somwanshi

13. Dharmendra Kumar

14. Dushyant Singh

15. Geeta Gandhi

16. Harish Kumar Pamnani

17. Keren Lois Daniel

18. Kripashanker Chaturvedi

19. Madhav Mittal

20. Manju Lata Joshi

21. Md Nawaid Anjum

22. Mohit Kumar

23. Preeti Tiwari

24. Pushpendra Sisodia

25. Ravi Kumar

26. Ruchi Nanda

27. Sakshi Indolia

28. Uma Banasthali


Other facilities

Guest House facility available for outside participants at 500 Rs per day.

Lunch and snacks will be available for all days of the workshop at no cost.

Contact Person for any query regarding the workshop
Prof. Rattan Rana

Email : Phone Number: +91 9355523224, 9992555241

Workshop Coordinator: Prof. Mahesh Bundele

Email :
Phone: 9828999440
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