AI and Deep Learning Workshop at Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, Bhopal
February 02, 2019 to February 03, 2019

Overall Feedback of the Workshop

Vijit Shivastava: Great

Nishant kumar: good

Ritik Saini: I'll lve to see my workshop like that

Shivangi Jain: Try to be more interactive and increase the practical sessions

Shivam Singh Rajput: Kudos to the team


SUSHIL KUMAR: I want to say please give stand on more days of workshop

Atul Kumar Singh: Very good workshop having brilliant mentors

Shivang Saxena: Definitely organised but for long duration.

Aditya mandil: It's an awesome workshop sir is very supportive

Srajan jain : Its a good workshop which will give you a good insight of deep learning.

Abhishek Kumar: Focus on the lectures of the instructors.

Keshaw garg: Must join it.

Arpan sahu: I got an overview how to work on my project and thats the best thing to get an idea

Akhil Maloo: Keep up the good work

Anuj Tambe: i would love to continue with further programs from this pregram . good job in pushing and spreading the machine learning knowledge

piyush baghel: very good

Nikhil Gupta: expecting more workshops like this in future.

Pratibha awasthi: The knowledge is very good the way to explaination is also good language or presentation way is really good but due to large session it become boring ND students will not take so much intrest so studies with some fun or enjoyable jokes or examples

Khwab kashyap: India will become ind(ai) one day

Arvind Verma: Awesome work shop.....learn many things

Navdeep Tripathi: Every student have to join these type of workshops

Ayush Ashish: This workshop is well-distributed and covers topics with sufficient depth.

Ashutosh Saraf: Please, do attend it helps.

Bipul Kumar shukla: I am ready

Ajay singh: great job and continue to entertains the brilient minds

Trapit Bisen: Internet...??

Abhishek Anand: Good

Darakhshan Perween: You should join

Akshay Singh Thakur: Grab the opportunity with both hands, don't leave it

SATYAM MAMAR: it has created interest in me relating to the deep learning , thanks.

UTKARSH SHARMA: very knowledgeable for future

Sumit Kumar Mishra: NA

Vinayak Soni: No

Keshav Kumar : Do this workshop more meaningful in terms of hands on practice on some little project.

DIVYA SHUKLA: Excellent Workshop

Atul anand: You must join

Abhinav Khare: Excellent

Pradhyumn Chaturvedi: with some previous knowledge and further practice, it'll be best to continue in the field.

Mrudul Sankhere: The workshop provided interesting insights in Deep Learning and is recommended to anyone who would like to pursue a career towards Data Science

Gaurav Kumar Sharma: Detailed, knwledgeble, good content

Yash Batham:

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