AI and Deep Learning Workshop at Mahendra Engineering College, Nammakal, Tamilnadu
September 27, 2018 to September 28, 2018

Overall Feedback of the Workshop

K.Manoj : yes,it is worthable of spending time on workshop.

R.sachin kumar : nandri

Ruthraj P : It is a great workshop to learn but two days are not enough to learn.Make it more than two days.

Vinothkumar N : It's a nice experience to learn a new thing within a two days of time span

S.Manikandan : don't waste time

M.N.Mohamed Yasheen : there is good and intractive

Mohideen Abdul Katheer M : Really very good scholars having good understanding of concepts !


j.swarnavel : good

sundar : it is very usefull workshop

Muthu Manickam K : GOOD

Kommu Rohithnanda : "Do some practical about AI"

Bayya Joshna : Yes, the session is good they tell each and every thing with presentations and also along with hands on session for understanding purpose. It is very useful session.

ABIRAMINANDHINI S : "In this seminar very useful. I learn interesting new things. thank for the oppertunity sir. "

V.S. Sai Rajasree : It is very useful workshop I had never attended before

Ram Sugeerthi : It is too good.

T.Nandhakumar : A useful program for future Stars

Manimegalai P : The session was very interesting to learn about AI and ML. You all have provided gifts which it seems like motivated each students. I feel proud to say Thanks everybody.

Miraa Kayalvizhi S A :

I. Nivetha : "This entire day was one of the best I’ve ever spent. It is very interesting and useful. It really insightful and interesting.Thanks for the training. Really really worth it."

U Sornambigai : Make use of it without fail,because the session is really informative and it also helps us for our future projects.

J.Aravindh :

I.Gowtham : It is useful progaram future statrs.

T.Murugan : A useful program for future status

Meena. S : Make the use of every moment...

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