RPA Workshop at Bennett University, Greater Noida
November 30, 2019 to December 01, 2019

Overall Feedback of the Workshop

Vrujkumar Nena: Learnt new concepts

Nimit Tolia: it will be very great full to have workshop like that

Nishi Patel: It was good Umang: it was excellent ...

BHARGAV ANGHAN: For me i found this very useful for my own business and i am sure one will also found very useful who is pursuing IT/CE or any Course related to Computer

Foram Dhamsania: It was worth spending the weekend doing this workshop instead of just wasting two days sleeping and doing nothing

Parth Parmar: this workshop will help to automate many daily tasks.

Ayush: RAP is a platform which will reduce human work and this workshop will help you to solve various tasks in few minutes. So easy , simple and fun.

rajat paliwal: thanks to the sir

Brinda: It was vgood

Shivam Rawal: Workshop is very good in terms of knowledge you get about automating daily tasks and it is worth attending.

ZEEL: More workshops should be there like this,but it will be better not to organize it on weekends due to transportation issues and weekend plans.

Nimit Vanawat: Sir was good

Yash Bohra: Worth attending.

Murtaza Mahudawala: Nothing is left to say

Keshav sharma: Highly informative and every should attend it

Tanay Panat : The workshop was very informative and i got to learn lots of things as well as the faculty was also quite good

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