Project title

Pothole Detection Using Mobile Sensors

Submitted to:

  • Dr. Gaurav Singal(Asst. Professor Bennett University)
  • Dr. Anurag Goswami
  • (Asst. Professor Bennett University)

Submitted By:

  1. Maneesh Singh Bhakuni (Army Institute of Technology)
  2. Allen T Abraham (Saintgits College of Engineering)
  3. Prashanth Duvvada (Amrita University)
  4. Naman Jain (ABES Engineering College)

Project Description

India is a developing economy which has the second Largest roadways network and it covers more than 5,603,293 kilometres (approx.). Among the different transport systems about 75% population in India is dependent on Roadways. Properly Maintained roads contribute to nation’s economy. Timely inspection and maintenance is necessary for improving durability and quality of roads and helps in reducing road accidents. Poor road conditions deprive our riding experience. Among different road anomalies, Potholes remain as a major cause of road accidents. More than 45% of road accidents are caused by potholes. Hence, there’s a need for a system that can detect potholes and inform the authorities to take necessary repair. This can help in reduction of road accidents and save human lives on Indian roads. Our system will identify pits on the road by utilizing accelerometer and GPS of the Smartphone placed on the vehicle. The app will process this data using the designed algorithm and transfer the collected data (in some time intervals) to the database via internet. The data then will be utilized to classify pits into different degree (low, medium, high) which can be used by authorities to identify and to provide necessary maintenance to the roads.

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