Project title

Computer Vision for Wildlife Conservation

Submitted to:

  • Balmukund Mishra
  • Divya Acharya
  • Tejalal Choudhary

Submitted By:

  1. Shankho Ghosh
  2. Ketan Muddalkar
  3. Ajay Patel
  4. Vishnu B Nair

Project Description

In our Ecosystem, wildlife is a very important to maintain our nature. So protection and conservation of wildlife is our responsibility, those which are at risk of being extinct. One such species Amur tiger is in danger zone. Therefore, we have implemented three object detection methods using different deep learning technique for detecting Amur tiger which can further be deployed in UAVs. Using the recently released ATWR (Amur Tiger Re-identification in the wild) dataset by Computer Vision for Wildlife Conservation that contain 2485 images along with their annotations for training and 277 images along with their annotations for validation. By using our model tiger can be tracked and detected easily.

Project Poster

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