Project title

Optimization of neural nets using TensorRT

Submitted to:

  • Mr. Tejalal
  • Ms. Shambhavi

Submitted By:

  1. Shrey Jasuja
  2. Gopalasetti Sri Harsha
  3. Vamsi Krishna Reddy
  4. Rithika

Project Description

A deep learning model is optimized to its maximum extent via specifying the optimizers and loss functions. This whole process is carried out before the deployment phase by converting a Network built using  the common frameworks like TensorFlow, pytorch, etc to a TensorRT network. Conversion to TensorRT network involves converting the layers/operation native to the framework to layers/operations of a TensorRT network. Currently TensorRT does not support all layers ,we propose to create a custom plugin for one such unsupported layer thus optimizing the TensorRT model.

Project Poster

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