Project title

Crop Yield Prediction through Different Machine Learning

Submitted to:

  • Anjali Yadav
  • Archana Das

Submitted By:

  1. Tanmay Jain
  2. Vasanthagokul S
  3. Shaik Sazid
  4. Arsh Srivastava

Project Description

The farming assumes a predominant job in the development of the nation's economy. AI (ML) is a essential methodology for accomplishing viable and compelling answers for this issue. Crop Yield Prediction includes anticipating yield of the harvest from accessible verifiable information like climate parameters,season parameter and previous yield.This poster centers around foreseeing the yield of the harvest dependent on the current information by utilizing diverse Machine learning and Deep Neural Netwok Techniques. The prediction will serves to the farmers to foresee the yield of the harvest before cultivating onto the agriculture field.

Project Poster

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