Project title

"Face recognition technique in bank locker systems for security purpose using deep learning "

Submitted to:

  • Dr. Samayveer Singh (Asst. Professor Bennett University)
  • S. Ananth (MEC Tamil Nadu)

Submitted By:

  1. Mansi Bansal (Amity University)
  2. Tanuj Ralli (NIT Jalandhar)
  3. Utkarsh Kanodia (ABES Engineering College)

Project Description

Face Recognition is turning into another pattern in the security validation frameworks. Present day FR frameworks can even identify, if the individual is real (live) or not, while doing face acknowledgment, keeping the frameworks being hacked by demonstrating the photo of a genuine individual. I am certain, everybody pondered when Facebook executed the auto-labeling method. It recognizes the individual and label him/her at whatever point you transfer a photo. It is efficient to the point that, notwithstanding when the individual's face is blocked or the photo is taken in obscurity, it labels precisely. All these effective face acknowledgment frameworks are the after effects of ongoing progressions in the field of PC vision, which is upheld by intense profound learning calculations. In the present current world, security assumes an imperative part. For that reason, we proposed propel security frameworks for saving money locker framework and the bank clients. This specific security is proposed through two unique modules in mix i.e. confront identification procedure and password verification. All these means are followed in the grouping on the off chance, that if anything turns out badly he or she can't get to the framework. Presently clients don't need to stress over the illicit access to their locker frameworks. These propelled procedures in this day and age influence individuals to feel anchor. This likewise prompts aversion of burglary. We have developed a Web Application to showcase our project. It has been observed by comparing all the models that CNN provides high accuracy (98.3%).

Project Poster

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