Project title

A Structured Filter Pruning Approach for Efficient Inference of Deep Neural Networks

Submitted to:

  • Mr. Tejalal Choudhary

Submitted By:

  1. Akash Maurya
  2. Nagarjuna Vatti
  3. Sandra Varghese
  4. Yogita Dandamudi

Project Description

Today’s world is governed by machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. The living standards of human race have showed an exponential growth recently due to the influence of machine learning and AI. Artificial intelligence finds its scope in every field such as medicine, defence, economy and has also spread its roots in our daily lifestyle including Netflix suggestions, virtual chat bots, Google assistant, Alexa and what not. In the past few years, machine learning and deep learning have shown remarkable improvement in computer vision, natural language processing, stock market prediction, weather forecasting, and audio processing. Nowadays research in computer vision field is given a huge importance. Many research projects are being developed in computer vision to solve complex tasks like surgical operations in medicine, self-driven vehicles, industrial automation, security and surveillance where timing and precision matters a lot. Using computer vision in such complex real-time applications helps reduce human efforts and also improve the performance significantly at the same time.

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