Project title

Face Recognition and Tracking

Submitted to:

  • Mr. Tejalal Choudhary (Ph.D. Scholar Bennett University)

Submitted By:

  1. Jithu Divakaran
  2. Yash Tibarewala

Project Description

The human-face is one of the easiest ways to distinguish the individual identity of each other. Face recognition is a very important task and has wide variety of application in security systems, authentication etc. Tracking the individuals can give us the valuable insights. In this project, we have developed Computer Vision based face recognition and tracking system with OpenCV and dlib. Our model is able to recognize and differentiate between known and unknown faces. For the tracing part, time when a person enters and leaves the premises is captured and the difference is calculated. The model was trained on dataset of 50 different individuals with 10 different images of each. We achieved state-of-the-art accuracy.

Project Poster

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