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  • Mohit Sajwan

Submitted By:

  1. Ajai
  2. Akash
  3. Chaitanya
  4. Harshal
  5. Rose

Project Description

In these past years, there is an increase in interest towards underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSN). This is due to the wide scope in research and exploration area and also there is a need of a better network in underwater wireless networks. The research is focused on reducing the energy consumption in the UWSNs. The communication in this UWSNs are done by using sensor nodes which are battery operated and is difficult to recharge these batteries underwater. Also a difficult challenge is to decide the cluster heads among various nodes present in the network. This paper examines the algorithm implementation for effective routing in order to have effective use of energy to improve efficiency and have an effective clustering method to minimize the use of energy. The main purpose of this paper is to increase the lifetime of the underwater wireless sensor networks by reducing the energy cost used during each transmission and during receiving of data packets.

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