Project title

366 subscribers Footprint Recognition using One-shot Learning

Submitted to:

  • Gaurav Singal
  • Riti Kushwaha

Submitted By:

  1. Anuj Soni
  2. C S Karthik
  3. Gunish Jain
  4. Yashvi Nagpal

Project Description

The aim of this work is to examine the similarities between finger and footprint using Level-2 features (Minutiae) for footprint recognition. This paper uses One-shot Learning utilizing pre-existing MinutiaeNet Model which was implemented on fingerprint dataset. We have implemented both the proposed models (FineNet and CoarseNet) which required rawdata preprocessing using enhancement techniques. The model was implemented on custom-made dataset containing 180 images of 44 people. Parameters like TPR and FPR used in ROC curve.

Project Poster

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