Project title

leadingindia. ai 366 subscribers Design and implement a stock market predictor using a Reinforcement Learnings

Submitted to:

  • Dr.Hirenkumar B Thakkar

Submitted By:

  1. Arsh Srivastava Shaik Nafi Izaaz Denicke Solomon H Nidhi Shukla MARRI BINDU MADHAVI

Project Description

Now a days biggest challenge in stock market is to predict the prices of a stock because of its complexity.In stock market prediction our aim is to predict the future value of a company stock.AI can predict prices of stock more accurately than humans.AI can do analysis of stocks using past data .we focus on ml algorithm approach that will trained from available stock data and it will gain some intelligence and use that knowledge in predicting future price of a stock. The proposed algorithm provides better prediction accuracy of both profit and rewards. The focused model implemented by taking HUGE STOCK MARKET DATASET.

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