Project title

Symmetric Image Encryption Technique for IoT Applications using Cellular Automata

Submitted to:

  • Dr. Sanjeet Kumar Nayak

Submitted By:

  1. Swati Yadav
  2. Tejas Atul Dhopavkar Prajkta Dattatraya Kodavade
  3. Vidit jain
  4. Cheruku Girija

Project Description

Cellular Automata is a discrete model studied in Automata theory. Cellular Automata consists of Regular grid of cells and has a finite number of cells. For each cell, a set of cells Called neighborhood is defined relative to specified cells.The project uses rules of Cellular Automata to change the value of each pixel thus changing the image with each cycle of rule application.The rules of Cellular Automata are applied to the image for certain number of cycles and at the last cycle, we get back the original image.

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