Project title

Offense Evaluation in Memes

Submitted to:

  • Dr.Shashidhar R

Submitted By:

  1. Rahul Choudhary
  2. Aboli Paighan
  3. Amith Raj Sreevalsan
  4. Vatsal Parmar
  5. Priya Sainthani

Project Description

In todays world, Blockchain is a trending technology that is used in transactions and it is the base on which we build this project. Within the project, we use smart contracts to build the applications. A major component of the project is the EVM(Ethereum Virtual Machine ) which for security purposes is reliable, meaning information can not be leaked from it.Security and data integrity of votes are of utmost importance and this requirement is met,theoretically. As such, it is a prime candidate for replacing existing systems within democratic countries.Traditional systems do not satisfy these dire needs of a country’s population and political authorities in recent years. Existing systems also threaten privacy of voters and their transparency is at best, translucent. A Blockchain enabled system also reduces the time taken for counting votes. Results are published much quicker too. This saves a lots of time, money and other resources.

Project Poster

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