Project title

Blockchain-based data sharing: Opportunities for AI

Submitted to:

  • Dr. Gaurav Singal
  • Dr. Chhagan Lal

Submitted By:

  1. Chitrabhanu Ponna
  2. Naveen Kumar
  3. Kasireddy Srinitha Reddy
  4. Sampada Deshmukh

Project Description

Blockchain is basically a peer to peer distributed ledger technology. The main concept of this research paper is to understand how a blockchain is implemented through hyperledger fabric and our motivation towards this project was now-a-days everything are more depending upon the blockchain and AI technology.To implement a blockchain technology we have technologies like ethereum ,hyperledger fabric etc. We adopted hyperledger fabric to create a blockchain technology.our aim is to create a network with 4 organisation and each organization has peers and also there should be a channel and chaincode, and this channel should connect all the organizations in an network. We implemented this network by creating a test network and followed procedure from main website of hyperledgerfabric.

Project Poster

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