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  • Dr. Kuldeep Chaurasia

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  1. Harshdeep Mishra
  2. Tagore Ramakrishna

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Terrestrial vegetation has many important role for our day today life for better crop yield farmers have to take care of seed intention , pollutant mitigation ,better irrigation system sedimentation , but even though temporal effects of these managements practices remain poorly understand and implemented by few farmers for good yield of crops .so to avoid problems of farmers and to get better crop production some scheduled calendar should develop for a certain region using remote sensing methods[2] Agriculture intensification is number of crop growing in an area per year ( singe ,double, triple etc.) crop calendar with the help of remote sensors gives proper and better understanding of crops production from showing to harvesting hence it is ideally suited for monitoring purposes of various crops cultivation the images which is formed by Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI) it helps in improving growth cycle and in understanding the crops intensifications.

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