Project title

Path Identification for Indoor Movement

Submitted to:

  • Dr.Gaurav Singal (Asst.Professor)
  • Surbhi Gupta (PHD Scholar)

Submitted By:

  1. Ravi Shannkar Mishra
  2. Preet Ardeshana
  3. Sangeeta.R
  4. Bhashampally Prudhvi Raj

Project Description

Indoor navigation is turning into an important requirement of our lifestyle thanks to the quality of the building. Robots autonomous navigation in complicated environments is important for real-world deployment. So as to make robots that may autonomously navigate complicated and unstructured environments, like roads, buildings, or forests, they want generalizable perception and management systems that may reason regarding the outcomes of direction choices. In several cases users ought to orient quickly in complicated environments, that isn’t invariably the target of current routing algorithms. There is a great want for an easy indoor manner finding a resolution for smart-phone serving to the robot to search out their path within the buildings.

Project Poster

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