Project title

Emotion Detection using Video

Submitted to:

  • Suneet Kumar Gupta (Professor)
  • Mohit Aggarwal (PhD Scholar)

Submitted By:

  1. Himanshu Singh
  2. Ranjit V S
  3. Jaswinder Singh
  4. Pulkit Arora

Project Description

Facial expressions play a key role for detecting emotion and understanding humans. The term “interface” suggests importance of face plays in communication between two entities. Studies have shown that reading of facial expressions can significantly determine the personality of the person. Regardless of cultural barriers and language and cultural there will always be a set of fundamental facial expressions that people assess and communicate with. Humans ability to interpret emotions is very important to effective communication, accounting for up to 93% of communication used in a normal conversation depends on emotion of an entity. The seven basic emotions that are considered universal to human beings. Neutral, angry, disgust, fear, happy, sad, and surprise are the basic emotions can be recognized from human’s facial expression.

Project Poster

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