Project title

Technical Solutions For Visually Impaired

Submitted to:

  • Dr. Madhushi Verma
  • Mrs. Kanak Manjari

Submitted By:

  1. Akshat Jaiswal
  2. Ashish Ranjan
  3. Yash Pise
  4. Kamala Raj T

Project Description

Designed for the blind and low vision community, this research project harnesses the power of AI to describe people, text and objects. This project brings together the power of AI to deliver an intelligent system designed to help you navigate your day. Point your phone’s camera, select a channel, and hear a description of what the AI has recognized around you. With its intelligent system, just hold up your camera and hear information about the world around you. Our system can speak short text as it appears in front of the camera, provide audio guidance to capture a printed page, and recognizes and narrates the text. -Recognize and locate the faces of people you’re with. -Reads text quickly and get audio guidance to capture full documents. Our project is an extended work of real time object detection. We have implemented real time object detection using COCO API, which detects the object on live video stream and converts the objects to speech and give a gist of where the object is.

Project Poster

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