Project title

Plant Leaf Disease Detection using deep Learning

Submitted to:

  • Arunpandian J (Assistant Prof. MAM University)

Submitted By:

  1. Ayush Prashant
  2. Nithish Ram
  3. Ruturaj More
  4. Rutvij Lingras

Project Description

The main functionality of this project is being divided into two modules in the first if any user takes the photo of the leaf and insert in the model then it will first be resized with the help of the Open-Cv function to be best fitted in the range of scale of the model and then the image will then be given a rectangular edge for better focus on the leaf rather than the white or any other background image. Then again the image is passed from different clustering algorithm for the better determination of the infected part of the leaf image in the algorithm, and also with the use of the contours feature the algorithm will also mark the infected part of the leaf image.

Project Poster

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