Project title

Roman to Devanagari Conversion for code-mixed language

Submitted to:

  • Dr. Kanad Kishore Biswas
  • Professor Shreyans Jain (M Tech. Scholar)

Submitted By:

  1. Shiva Ganesh
  2. Ambuje Gupta
  3. Uday Agarwal
  4. Monisha G.

Project Description

Whenever we talk on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter we have seen that people are not very particular about expressing themselves in pure Hindi and pure English, but they tend to mix them up which troubles to a lot of people. So, we here are making a platform which will convert their mixed English and Hindi language to pure Devanagari form.Which will help them to make a better conversation and help them to increase their bonding. To make this happen we have made a dataset of English and Hinglish words each defined weather its english or hindi in front of them and their devanagari conversion of each.

Project Poster

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