Project title

Video Object Segmentation Using OSVOSS

Submitted to:

  • Dr. Sridhar Swaminathan

Submitted By:

  1. Daniel Syles Immanuel
  2. Divyam Jain
  3. Harish Tomar
  4. Swamynathan T

Project Description

Our approach is to segment objects from the images from just giving in the first frame of the video annotated into the neural network and get the following frames segmented based on the object. We are also doing a pixel wise segmentation. This approach is called as Semi-Supervised Object segmentation. We describe the methodology that we have followed to improve the results. Index Terms— Video Object Segmentation(VOS), Video Object Proposals, Densely Annotated Video Image Segmentation (DAVIS), Open Challenge, Video Processing, Semi- Supervised, One Shot Video Object Segmentation(OSVOSS).

Project Poster

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