Project title

Predict Future Sales

Submitted to:

  • Mr. Nithin Prince John

Submitted By:

  1. Aaryaman
  2. Adithya
  3. Anshul
  4. Arun

Project Description

Predicting future sales is one of the most important aspect of the business world, trillions of dollars are transacted every single day all over the world. Since a lot of money is involved, we need systems to get maximum profit from products sales. Machine learning models are helpful in predicting future sales to get maximum profits. Multiple models are applied among which, we choose the one which gives the lowest RMSE Score. Random Forest was the one among many which gave the lowest RMSE value. LSTM is a deep learning model which was also implemented but RMSE score was poor. The dataset is relatively smaller for neural network to perform well.

Project Poster

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