Project title

Review On Machine Learning Algorithms For Dengue Disease Spread Prediction

Submitted to:

  • Vipul kumar Mishra

Submitted By:

  1. Shivam
  2. Ayush Dhiman
  3. Nikhil Tiwari
  4. Ajaymon SL

Project Description

Dengue is a disease caused by four types of related viruses transmitted by a mosquito, most commonly Aedes aegypti. In its less severe form infected patients will experience flu like symptoms that vary from mild to intense, but severe dengue or, Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, can be fatal without proper medical care. The disease is considered an alarming threat to the health of populations spanning millions of people living in tropical and subtropical areas of the globe where the mosquito thrives. A large number of studies have confirmed that the incidence of dengue is positively correlated with climatic conditions, specifically, temperature, humidity and precipitation levels.

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