Project title

Pump it Up: Mining the Water Points Using XGBoost Classifier

Submitted to:

  • Indrajeet Gupta

Submitted By:

  1. Himanshu Rathore
  2. Manish Kumar
  3. K Shree Balaji
  4. Jitendra Kumar

Project Description

In a nation where one third of the country is arid to semi-arid, it is very difficult for people to find access to clean, sanitary water if they don’t live near one of the three major lakes that border the country. As a result, Tanzania's ground water is the major source of water for the nation's people; however it's not always clean. Consequently, Tanzanians turn to surface water which contains things like bacteria or human waste; and people have no choice but to drink from, bathe in or wash their clothes in these areas. By finding which water pumps are functional, functional needs repairs, and non-functional, the Tanzanian Ministry of Water can improve the maintenance operations of the water pumps and make sure that clean, potable water is available to communities across Tanzania.

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