AI and Deep Learning Workshop at Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune
August 03, 2019 to August 04, 2019

Overall Feedback of the Workshop

Nikhil kedar: Nice to gain knowledge

Mayur Kaswa: It was nice


Sanket Dilip Sonje : This workshop should have at least 7 days of duration.

Omkar Kadam: constant contact and guidance in upcoming days will be helpful

Mohit Charkha:

Mayur Gotmare: Admirable

Ashish Gole: Workshop was very nice and exceeds the expectations

sourabh kesharwani: be attendive

Jayanth Thoppil: The should be atleast 4 days


Aakanksha Hajare: I would like to attend more workshops

Aaditya Diwan: Good luck

Saurabh Kulkarni: befor attending workshop read some basics of neural networks

Aniket Navghare: Good for basic idea about technology.

Shravan Shetty: You get a lot of Information about the ML and Deep Learning Technology

Ashish Khurkhuriya: You definetly need some improvement

Pranjal Ghalme: I would like to attend more workshop

Siddharth Subhash Bhosale : Nothing

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