AI and Deep Learning Workshop at Bennett University, Greater Noida
05th June-07th June, 2018

Toppers of the Workshop

1. Ripunjay Sharma, Manipal University, Jaipur

2. Jaya Gupta, Pranveer Singh Institite of Technology, Kanpur

3. Diganta Misra, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

4. Anant Aggarwal, Thapar Institute Of Engineering and Technology


Feedback from the Participants

Pulkit Chugh: Very well organized workshop. Covered a lot of concepts in short time.

Anurag Goswami: It is indeed a great opportunity to get started with the DL.

priyanka bharti: Its good for students now a days

Aatif Jamshed : Genuinely one of the best workshops I’ve attended….

Milan Jolly: Great as an introduction for beginners

Sanjiv Sharma: Keep it up

Rajiv Ranjan: It is actually leading the India

Sanjeev Kumar Pippal: Dr. Deepak is awesome, he delivers at good breadth and depth of the topic in a very comforting style, Awesome combination of pedagogy, humor and knowledge.



Mansi bansal : Future participants should seriously attend this workshop with a little knowledge about pre requisites.

Meena R: it was deep enough to understand

Anusree I: Great oppertunity that I ever get

Nishant Mishra: It's is great for learning.

Ashwin Perti: Such types of workshops should be conducted regularly.

Pankaj Kumar Sharma : The workshop should be in small batch sizes of 40 Max

Abhishek Nandakumar: A greatly conducted workshop with great facilities and brimming informations....

Tejalal Choudhary: The workshop will give you a good understanding of Deep Learning and its various terms.

SUMAN ANAND: It is a great experience learning with people from different background and different experience. New ideas are explored!

Gaurav: It has give us the idea about deep learning and how we can start working on it.

Naman Kumar Saxena: a must participating workshop for those who are interested in deep will give the clear understanding of field and it's real world examples

SAURAB DUTTA: Go ahead with this novel initiative

Sandeep Chaurasia: "Well trained instructors. Good effort put by instructors. Really appericiable"

Dr Arun Sharma: It was a wonderful experience to be the part of this important initiative. Looking forward for similar exposure in future also.

Indrajeet kumar: Time management and presentation are very good.

Dr. Lokesh Kumar Sharma: Knowledge of the presenters were up to the mark. Keep updating the PPTs. This initiative is a success.

Rajeev Kumar Singh: Workshop will help me for research papers and gaining knowledge in Deep Learning

Himanshu Singhal: Its a really good workshop and a excellent initiative by

Allen T Abraham: It will be a great opportunity for the budding engineers

Mahesh Jangid: It’s really a good initiative for our future engineers

avinash Sharma: Such workshop shall help us to make India leading in ai machine learning super power

Mini Agarwal: Rich content

Deepak choudhary: More visual effects and video ..

Veer Kalantri: Please do participate, its a great opportunity!!!

Harinder Singh Mashiana: The workshop will help understand what happens behind the scenes when we implement the DL algorithms which will help us better the performance of our models.

Divya Acharya: If one wants to learn ML then you must attend this workshop because for every level it is has very well organised content and hands on sessions.every query is answered correctly.

Shreyans Jain: Must attend. It is good for starting with deep learning and AI. It covers almost every basics and helps to open a conversation about what advancments can be done in future.

Sudhanshu Gupta: It was really good workshop to get the basics clear and start working hands on with notebooks on Microsoft with azure. Lot of discussion took place and was really useful.

Dr. Ruchi Agarwal: This is really a excellent workshop those who are aspiring to upgrade their skills to AI and Deep learning.

Yash Srivastava: Wonderful experience and knowledge booster.

Akshita gupta: The content is good and facilities provided are also good. jagjeet singh: Lot of things to learn for having a good start and increase your ability in AI.

Shilpa A Nair: Deep Learning is one of most important current technology. so understand it very well and implement it.

GOUTAM DATTA: Excellent initiative by Bennett university ----contents covered from basics to moderately advanced.......

Dr Harsh Dev: Please send separate info about the enternship programs to be organized for students

Abhinav Goel: Will bring a new wave to your life in this technology and change your mind towards its easiness and how important in every aspects of life.

Akhila gopal: Very informative

Anant agarwal: The workshop is a gateway to the field of deep learning. All the concepts of deep learning were covered in the workshop very clearly.It really shows the hard word the leading India team has put in the initiative by delivering such complex information in such a easy and understanding way.

ERIC TOM MATHEWS: it's a very good opportunity for those who know machine learning well

Kaustubh Prabhu: So participate in the workshop it is a good opportunity and a great initiative.

Mohd Yousuf Sarfaraz: The content of the workshop was very good and was nicely explaned

VIKAS PANDEY: Workshop is excellent and organise such workshop in future also

Ashika K S: workshop is excellent and its very informaive

Akhil kandakatla: This Workshop gives an overview on deep learning and CNN

Priyansh Lall: It is the most needed and awaited initiative. It has enormous future aspects and I hope and pray that the young generation and the experienced both catch the wave and bring a transformation in the culture and everyday life using AI

Karan Khajuria: This is a amazing initiative.More people and institutions should get connected and contribute to this initiative.

yasmeen banu.M: i will say definitely go and attend the workshop

sherry verma: very informative sessions especially the way it was delivered by resource persons

S.Manojkumar: I will say definitely go and attend workshop

Yash Tibarewala: revise and study in advance the material of these workshops to gain the full benefit, the content is great and helps a lot

Dr Rattan Pal Singh Rana: keep on doing, wonderful initiative.

Maneesh: Do come prepared for the workshop. If you are somewhat familiar to Deep Learning stuff , then it will be very helpful for you to make most of it. If you are new to this , then dont panic , try to understand and revise the things at the end of the day.

Riya P D: Informative

dinesh sharma: it was the most awaited and needed initiative


Manju Vyas: It is a good workshop for those who want to develop an interest in the area of AI as well as for those who have basic knowledge of the field.It helps the researchers to have a more clear analysis of their problem statement.

Dr. Mamta Dahiya: We are very happy for your open hearten support to share your knowledge and related resources with us. This is really appreciable.

Sanyam Gupta: Something is better than nothing.

Lekshmi P Nair: Helpful

Rohith C A: This is a good workshop to refresh you skills and knowledge base,while also being able to improve what we know about AI.

Nikunj Goenka: Good to starting your Machine learning and deep learning projects

Akshat Aman: This workshop was very informative and was a leading stone towards the starting of my data science career.

Puneet Mathur: Great Initiative taken by the group for the nation and for the people.

Nitesh Pradhan:

niranjan.k: it is very use workshop and conduct more workshop because i most probabilly usefull to me

RUDRANSHU SHARMA: i will attend these type of workshops if my suggestion would be considered.

Shekhar: its very informative course , will want to attend more workshop on this topic in future

prateek parasher: you won't find this level of workshop anywhere for deep leaning & A.I

Satyajit Anand: This workshop will be worthful.

Dr. Lokesh Varshney:

Surbhi Gupta: If you want to go with the latest technology then its a very good workshop.

JAYA GUPTA: kindly learn all the concepts by yourself , then join the workshop, to understand the algorithms deeply with clear picture. If you have some problem statement in mind, then it will be more beneficial.

vipul mishra: A beginner can also start applied ML, DL after workshop


krati taneja: Good Workshop with excellent explanation of the topic

Mexson Fernandes: This workshop is a must if you want to deep dive into AI field. The workshop material was layered out so perfectly. It was like one semester material in two days with same perfection.

Giridhara Sai Pavan Kumar Gurram:

Barath Kumar G: In this workshop very useful to my life thanks to conduct this workshop

Bhavna Sharma: Good workshop for skilling participants and beginners in the area of AI and Deep learning.

kushagra goel: It is a knowledgeable workshop covering detailed topics (concepts and implementation) of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence and a must for any machine learning enthusiast.

Rajeev Kumar Singh: this is first workshop, I joined where topics are covered as subject wise. mostly in workshop, expert discussed about their research papers.

Dr Rewa Sharma: Workshop is a great boon to novice users and for those who are working in AI domain.

Dr. Sunil Kumar: Great initiative. Utilize it and carry it forward.

KAMALESHWARAN. K: Listen carefully the words of the faculty.

nitin jain: workshop was good, a overall exposure of, what is going in machine learning.

Abhishek goyal: Future learning

Dr. Sandeep Jaiswal: Artificial intelligence and Deep Learning is a future of technology. If Some one interested in this area must join the initiative.

Pooja Jeena: Must be a part of this.

VIJAY KUMAR YADAV: this workshop is Os sum and its a become milestone on Deep Learning and AI

Rashi Sharma:

shubham agarwal: It was a knowledgeable workshop and covers most of the topics of deep learning.

Pooja Prakash: nice experience, get the basic knowledge ..

Sougat Mitra: This is indeed the Stepping Stone for the individuals who want to ride the wave of AI and make valuable contribution to the society using various AI and Deep Learning Techniques

Deepak Verma: No. of days for the workshop may be increase in the future for the betterment

Sunil Kumar Jangir: The instructor, Dr. Garg, is very easy to communicate with and very interesting with real life examples of the course material.This was my first DL Training course. I will definately recommend this training to others as well as plan to attend other DL courses myself. The instructor was knowledgeable, personable and kept the class moving at a brisk pace. I appreciated the straight forward plain language approach. The material was helpful and useful. Well done!

K. VENKATESHWARAN: Very useful and I know the deep learning

Tanuj Ralli: It is actually a great initiative to create a kind of revolution of AI in india. We really appreciate that and it will be even better if one student get assigned to a single teacher at the workshop so as to maintain enthusiasm.

Jithu Divakaran: Its very Standard ,well organized and Usefull


Rishi Gupta: This is an intensive workshop using covering all basics well and then hands-on lab using python is also well tutored.

Smriti Bansal:

Dr. Vivek Richhariya: This was first workshop for me. Some concepts were new for us. I think prerequisite knowledge regrading workshop should be sent in form of pdf/slide to the participants by which workshop can be made more successive & effectively.

S. Ponmaniraj: Don't try to cover up all the topics whatever you have, instead choose the best few and practically try to explain them with coding.

Damodharan D: I Except the more practical session.

A.swetha: i expect more worshop and seminar because it is very use full for me..i throughly gained information about the AI

S.Ananth: organized Well

Naman Jain: The workshop is a must for anyone who is looking for a practical as well as basic theoretical knowledge

Sherin Shoni: the simpler you explain the more outcome it gives from the participants

Sachin Tiwari: Very clear presentation, well-structured and easy to understand

Prerna Agarwal: Matter provided during the workshop was commendable and clear and the way of delivering in lecture was awesome as it was highly interactive

AMALA RANI: please cooperate with the students.

Sandeep kumar Singh: Whoever want to attain the workshop must have some basic information about machine learning,deep learning,ANN,CNN, python etc.

Shubham Singhal:

Shekhar Singh: Nice initiative , It improve understanding & research in machine & Deep learning

Gaurav Indra: Informative and exhaustive coverage of the topics.

GAURAV BAJPAI: This workshop covering the emerging trends of AI specially deep learning concepts.

Gautam Krishna: this is a great opportunity. Do not miss it and before attend the workshop come familiarize yourself on the topics

alpana jijja: you should attend the workshop , very insightful.

Rahul Gupta: If you really want to learn the Basics and Jump Start in this field do attend the workshop.

Vineetha. V: consider all level of students.. Most of them came from different area . So they have different ability..Just try to help them and make the presentation& Explanation in easier way. "The wifi is an another killer".. Nikesh Tiwari: share our experience that i learned here with our students

Anshuman Tyagi: This is new emerging fields in area of AI. This workshop has very systematic contents and practice sessions.

Karun Handa: Good initiative, should be encouraged more even at school level.

Ajay khunteta: Thanks for the training. Really really worth it. Immediately applicable also.

Dr tanvi arora: Well organised


List of Participants who Successfully Completed Workshop

1. Aastha Gupta

2. Aatif Jamshed

3. Abhinav Goel

4. Abhishek Goyal

5. Abhishek Nandakumar

6. Ajay Khunteta

7. Ajeet Kumar Bhartee

8. Akhil John

9. Akhil Kandakatla

10. Akhila Gopal

11. Akshat Aman

12. Akshay Dashottar

13. Akshita Gupta

14. Allen T Abraham

15. Alpana Jijja

16. Amala Rani Sebastian

17. Aman Rai

18. Anant Aggarwal

19. Anirudh T P

20. Anshu

21. Anshuman Tyagi

22. Anurag Goswami

23. Anushree Jain

24. Anusree I

25. Arjun P M

26. Arun Sharma

27. Ashika K S

28. Ashwin Perti

29. Atal Manuja

30. Avinash Sharma

31. Balamurali

32. Bhavna

33. Damodharan.D

34. Dayanand

35. Deepak Choudhary

36. Deepak Verma

37. Diganta Misra

38. Dinesh Sharma

39. Divya Acharya

40. Divyaraj

41. Eric Tom Mathews

42. Gaurav Bajpai

43. Gaurav Indra

44. Gaurav Singal

45. Gautam Krishna

46. Giridhara Sai Pavan Kumar

47. Goutam Datta

48. Harinder Singh Mashiana

49. Harsh

50. Himanshu Singhal

51. Indrajeet Kumar

52. Jagjeet Singh

53. Jaya Gupta

54. Karan

55. Karun Handa

56. Kauleshwar Prasad

57. Kaustubh Prabhu

58. Krati Taneja

59. Kumar Utkarsh

60. Kushagra Goel

61. Lekshmi P Nair

62. Lokesh Kumar Sharma

63. Madhushi Verma

64. Mahesh Jangid

65. Mamta Dahiya

66. Maneesh Singh Bhakuni

67. Manju Vyas

68. Mansi Bansal

69. Meera Saseendran T

70. Mexson Fernandes

71. Milan Jolly

72. Mini Agarwal

73. Naman Jain

74. Naman Saxena

75. Nandhini P S

76. Nikesh Tiwari

77. Nikunj Goenka

78. Nishant Mishra

79. Nitesh Namdev

80. Nitesh Pradhan

81. Nitin Jain

82. Pankaj Kumar Sharma

83. Pooja Jeena

84. Pooja Prakash

85. Prashanth Duvvada

86. Prateek Parasher

87. Prerna Agarwal

88. Priyanka Bharti

89. Priyansh Brannen

90. Pulkit Chugh

91. Puneet Mathur

92. Purnendu Prabhat

93. Rahul Gupta

94. Rahul Krishnan

95. Rajeev Kumar Singh

96. Rajeev Singh

97. Rajiv Bansal

98. Rashi Sharma

99. Rattan Pal Singh Rana

100. Reecha Sood

101. Rewa Sharma

102. Ripunjay Sharma

103. Rishi Gupta

104. Riya P D

105. Rohith C A

106. Ruchi Agarwal

107. Rudranshu Sharma

108. S Ponmaniraj

109. Sachin Tiwari

110. Sandeep Chaurasia

111. Sandeep Jaiswal

112. Sandeep Kumar Singh

113. Sanjeev Kumar Pippal

114. Sanjiv Sharma

115. Sanyam Gupta

116. Satyajit Anand

117. Saurab Dutta

118. Shekhar

119. Shekhar Singh

120. Sherin Shoni

121. Sherry Verma

122. Shilpa

123. Shubham Agarwal

124. Shubham Singhal

125. Smriti Bansal

126. Sougat Mitra

127. Sudhanshu Gupta

128. Suman Anand

129. Suneet Gupta

130. Sunil Kumar Jangir

131. Sunil Kumar

132. Surbhi Gupta

133. Swapnil Panwala

134. Tanish Goel

135. Tanuj Ralli

136. Tanuj Vishnoi

137. Tanvi Arora

138. Tejalal Choudhary

139. Utkarsh Kanodia

140. Veer Kalantri

141. Vidushi Agrawal

142. Vijay Kumar Yadav

143. Vijay Rana

144. Vijay Trivedi

145. Vipul Mishra

146. Vivek Richhariya

147. Yash Srivastava

148. Yash Tibarewala

149. Yasmeen Banu M

150. Youddha Beer Singh

151. Yousuf Sarfaraz


Other Details

Participants will get Free Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for all the workshop days.

Free Hostel facility will be available for all participants at Bennett University for maximum of four nights.Hostel rooms are equipped with Table, Chair, Cot, Bedding, Air Conditions. Attached Washroom are not available.

Nearby Hotel : Radisson Blu, Greater Noida

Contact Person for any query regarding the workshop at Bennett University: Dr. Suneet Gupta
Phone Number: +91 8447594037

Workshop Coordinator: Dr. Vinit Jakhetiya

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