Projects which are currently relevant

Doing projects which are currently useful in the real world are essential components to show your relevance to the world. We will be providing hundreds of project specifications. Each of these projects will have a 2-4 page specification containing background, methodology, datasets, Models and architecture etc. That will help the students to get a kickstart for the project.

Tentative Titles of the projects are given below


  1. Drug discovery using Neural Networks
  2. Tumor detection from Brain MRI images
  3. Detection and Classification of cancer cells in MRI Images
  4. Organ Segmentation and Labelling in MRI Images
  5. Cancer cell detection and segmentation
  6. Blood flow detection and monitoring using Sensory data
  7. Diabetic Retinopathy Detection and Segmentation from MRI Images
  8. Personalized Treatment based on Patient History
  9. Medicine Recommendation based on Gender, age and physical Attributes
  10. Recommendation of doctors and medicines using review mining
  11. Disease Prediction using patient treatment history and health data
  12. Real-time health monitoring using wearable devices
  13. Prediction of epidemic outbreaks using Social Media Data
  14. Predicting Risk for Medical Insurance
  15. Activity monitoring and unusual activity detection for elderly homes
  16. Recognizing exercises for physiotherapy videos
  17. Detecting Genes responsible for cancer development
  18. Prediction of Disease progression for treatment planning

  19. Agriculture

  20. Plant disease identification using leaf images
  21. Plants Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks
  22. Fruits counting for automatic inventory management
  23. Land cover segmentation & classification using image data
  24. Crop type classification using image classification
  25. Pest detection and classification using image classification
  26. Weed plant detection from agricultural field images
  27. Predicting yield, soil moisture and weather using images processing
  28. Plant Gene Classification and Functionality Prediction
  29. Automated quality assessment of crops

  30. Space Research & Satellite imagery

  31. Change detection for deforestation, water reserves from Satellite images
  32. Detection of Unmanned Vehicles (UMV) and Drones
  33. Segmenting Satellite Images for detection of road, buildings, natural resources etc.
  34. Target recognition in SAR images
  35. Scene segmentation in rural and urban regions from Remote Sensing Data
  36. Detection of Anomaly in SAR images
  37. Classification of Terrain from Satellite Imagery
  38. 3D reconstruction from multimodal satellite data
  39. Classification of galaxies
  40. Galaxy simulations to understand their formation
  41. Detection and Segmentation of different structures on planet surface images

  42. Cyber Security

  43. Intrusion detection in networks and servers
  44. Malware identification using deep learning
  45. Anomaly detection in network activities
  46. Virus/Malicious file detection in a shared environment
  47. Spam SMS filtering Using Machine Learning
  48. Advertisement Click Fraud Detection
  49. Webpage classification for safer browsing

  50. Education

  51. Predicting Student Performance using Regression analysis
  52. Automatic scientific article summarization
  53. Automatic essay evaluation system
  54. Plagiarism detection for regional languages
  55. Lecture video summarization using multimodal information
  56. Feature based opinion mining on student feedback
  57. Face recognition based attendance system

  58. Video Processing

  59. Real-time generic object detection & tracking
  60. Pedestrian Detection from low-resolution videos
  61. Detection and classification of vehicles
  62. Vehicle detection and speed tracking
  63. Detection of signals, and lane for self-driving cars
  64. Road Crack Detection and Segmentation For Autonomous Driving
  65. Crowd counting and monitoring for surveillance videos
  66. Unusual Activity & Anomaly detection in surveillance
  67. Human activity detection for surveillance video Compression
  68. Gesture recognition for Human Computer Interaction
  69. Real-time video to text transcription for visually challenged person
  70. Real-time speech recognition for regional languages
  71. Real-time OCR for Regional Languages
  72. Face Recognition & expression recognition Mobile App for Visually impaired person
  73. Action recognition for controlling electronic appliances in homes
  74. Place recognition app for visually impaired person
  75. Text to video generation for News Stories
  76. Salient region detection for targeted advertisements placement in videos

  77. Business

  78. Sales prediction using Regression Analysis
  79. Comparative sales analysis of different stores, customers, demographics
  80. Customer Classification based on the historical purchase data
  81. Predicting product development time and cost using production data
  82. Predicting housing prices for real estate companies
  83. Personalized marketing and targeted advertising

  84. Insurance

  85. Fraud/abuse detection for insurance companies
  86. Predicting risk for new Insurance using customer information

  87. Banking

  88. Credit card fraud detection using historical transaction data
  89. Loan Risk Prediction using User transaction information
  90. Customer segmentation for detecting valuable customers

  91. Crime

  92. Crime pattern detection using historical data
  93. Geographical crime rate prediction
  94. Criminal behavior analysis and segmentation

  95. Social Media Analytics

  96. Product opinion mining for competitive market analysis
  97. Customer requirement analysis using User Generated Content
  98. Consumer behavior analysis using User Generated Content
  99. Rumor detection from Social Media
  100. Political opinion mining for popularity prediction
  101. Terrorism detection from social media
  102. Stock prediction using Twitter sentimental analysis
  103. Restaurant Review Classification And Recommender System
  104. Fake news detection in online social media
  105. Detection violent and abusive content in social media

  106. Miscellaneous

  107. Automated Machine Translation for Regional Languages
  108. Virtual Personal Assistant Apps
  109. Developing a Chatbot using sequence modelling
  110. App development for collaging images into attractive videos
  111. Travel route suggestion based on pattern of travel and difficulties

Below we have given a list of some tentative product ideas, which may be taken up by different Research Groups/institutions under this initiative. Some of these may change and evolve based on further inputs. More will be added in the list as we get feedback from the practitioners.

  1. Detecting incidents of cyber bullying
  2. Input: text feed from social media conversations
    Output: cyber bullying victim and bully identified
  3. Characterizing mental stress and suicidal tendencies
  4. Input: text feed from online profiles and conversations
    Output: people suspected to have stress or suicidal tendencies are flagged
  5. Detecting click-fraud in online advertising
  6. Input: click data from online advertisement
    Output: fraudulent clicks and click patterns detected
  7. Detecting fake news in online news media
  8. Input: news feed from online media
    Output: fake news, rumours, clickbait characterised
  9. Identifying hate crime in online media
  10. Input: text feed from online conversations
    Output: hate speech, offensive comments, racist comments etc. detected
  11. Malware identification
  12. Input: executable files (.exe) of several software/apps
    Output: malicious software/apps identified
  13. Intrusion detection in enterprise networks
  14. Input: network logs from router/switches of enterprise networks
    Output: possible intrusions, botnet activity, DDoS activity, etc. flagged
  15. SMS/IM spam filtering
  16. Input: messages from SMS or IM apps (WhatsApp, Line, etc.)
    Output: spam messages filtered
  17. Detection of malicious URLs
  18. Input: Visited URLs
    Output: malicious URLs (hosting exploit kits, malware, etc.) are detected
  19. Detecting phishing websites
  20. Input: website URL
    Output: phishing websites flagged
    Robotics and Automation

  21. Detecting shapes of common and uncommon objects
  22. Input: different objects
    Output: robot classified the shapes
  23. Determining size of boxes
  24. Input: different size of boxes
    Output: robot determines the size of the box
  25. collision avoidance using video processing
  26. Input: a path for the robot to move on
    Output: robot avoids collision with objects like a wall etc.
  27. Personalized greetings
  28. Input: live video feed
    Output: robot makes personalized greetings (text or speech) to the people
  29. Optimal path traversal
  30. Input: starting point and destination point
    Output: robot calculates and traverses optimal path
  31. Detecting dangerous objects at public places
  32. Input: live video feed
    Output: robot detects dangerous objects (knife, explosives, etc.)
  33. Automating indoor weather adjustments
  34. Input: indoor weather data (temperature, humidity, etc.) and user preferences
    Output: auto-adjustment as per user preferences
  35. Detecting flawed packaging
  36. Input: photo/video of packaged products/consignments
    Output: flawed or broken packaging is detected
  37. Monitoring for thieves and intruders
  38. Input: live video feed
    Output: a given person is thief/intruder or not
  39. Monitoring for safety hazards
  40. Input: video feed of industry area
    Output: safety hazards detected

  41. Predicting the crop based upon the soil
  42. Input: images of the soil and climate information
    Output: Predicting the suitable crop
  43. Damage assessment of crops because of the bad weather conditions
  44. Input: images of the crop before and after the damage
    Output: Prediction of damage level and crop insurance
  45. Automatic Health inspection
  46. Input: Multiple images of a plant.
    Output: Prediction of health of the plant and possible medicines
  47. Automatic soil testing using AI
  48. Input: Images of the soil
    Output soil health
  49. Weather and crop-based irrigation system.
  50. Input: Weather condition and crop information (crop age, crop type)
    Output: Irrigation is required or not
  51. Assessment of grain of production
  52. Input: crop image of the whole field
    Output: prediction of quantity of grain production
  53. Disease Detection in the plants
  54. Input: image of the plant
    Output: disease and pesticide recommendation
  55. Recommendation of crop based upon the crop history
  56. Input: crop history
    Output: Recommended crop with fertilizer
  57. Chatter bot for farmers
  58. Input: Knowledge base of the crops in the regional language.
    Output: Required information through chat bot
  59. Crop Waste management
  60. Input: Images of the waste
    Output: Companies and their contacts where these wastes are useful.
    Social Media

  61. Suggesting Engaging Content for Social Media
  62. Input: Browsing History and previously watched content
    Output: Customized Content
  63. AI-Powered Image Recognizers from Social Media
  64. Input: Image of the target (Person)
    Output: Identified person
  65. Smart Messenger Bots by understanding the personality
  66. Input: Social Media feed of the person
    Output: Messenger bot reply based upon his personality.
  67. Better career and Job Suggestions
  68. Input: Social Media and LinkedIn feed of the person
    Output: Understanding the skills and job suggestion
  69. Reaching the right audience
  70. Input: Understanding the search history in social media websites
    Output: Better Product suggestions.
  71. Understanding the content on the social media websites and predicting the possible violence
  72. Input: Social Media feed
    Output: Predicting the location and probability of violence and prepare accordingly.
  73. Understanding the personality and probability of joining terrorist groups
  74. Input: Social Media feed and search history
    Output: Predicting a person who might join terrorist group or who is an easy target which can be influenced
  75. Understanding the stress level of students
  76. Input: Social Media feed
    Output: Predicting the stress level of students and based upon stress level give them consultation.
  77. Predicting the fake locations on social Media
  78. Input: Image uploaded by user
    Output: Predicting exact location
  79. Predicting the molesters and eve-teasers
  80. Input: Social Media feed and history
    Output: Predicting the behaviour of a person.

  81. Physiotherapy exercise monitoring application
  82. Input: Real time video of user doing physiotherapy exercise
    Output: recognized exercise and its counting, detection of wrong exercise positions
  83. Health monitoring application using wearable devices
  84. Input: Heart beat rate, blood pressure, motion data from wearable devices
    Output: statistics of average, alerts of health problems
  85. Skin disease detection app
  86. Input: Photos of skin surface taken in a mobile camera
    Output: Recognized skin disease and its severity
  87. Detecting face features, hair loss, wrinkles, pimples
  88. Input: face photos of users taken from mobile camera
    Output: Detection of hair loss, wrinkles, pimples and their counts etc
  89. Food recognition and calorie, vitamin detection
  90. Input: Food phots taken from mobile camera
    Output: Recognized food and its calorie and vitamins
  91. Finger print based disease detection
  92. Input: Finger print data taken from mobile device
    Output: Detected disease or health status of the user
  93. X-Ray image description app
  94. Input: Photo of X-Ray taken from the mobile app
    Output: Description and results about the X-Ray and detection of disease or health issue
  95. Assistive app for autism, Parkinson, Alzheimer diseases
  96. Input: images/video/audio containing sounds/gestures of the user
    Output: assistance, helps, recommendations to the user
  97. Doctor and medical shop recommendation app
  98. Input: Disease/symptoms and current location of the user, social media, review data
    Output: Recommendation of doctors/hospitals and medical shops, route to the locations
  99. Walking pattern monitoring for arthritis
  100. Input: Real time video of user walking
    Output: Analysis of walking pattern and further recommendation for improvement

  101. Finding people who are lost
  102. Input: Photo of the lost person and crowd images/videos
    Output: Detections of the lost people
  103. Head counting application
  104. Input: Photo or video taken from mobile camera
    Output: Number of human heads in the image i.e. people count
  105. Identifying objectionable persons
  106. Input: Photo or video taken from a mobile or surveillance camera in a highly crowded environment
    Output: Detection of the objectionable person in the crowd images
  107. Weapon detection from crowded environment
  108. Input: Photo or video taken from a mobile or surveillance camera in a highly crowded environment
    Output: Detections of weapons, type and person who carry
  109. Identifying people group in a curfew/ section 144
  110. Input: Photo or video taken from a mobile or surveillance camera in a highly crowded environment
    Output: Detections of group of people and their counting and further alerting
  111. Detecting persons with deviated yoga or dance pattern
  112. Input: Real time video taken from mobile or surveillance camera in a building
    Output: people with different pattern of dance or yoga moves differing from the crowd
  113. Identifying people with unique outfit/getup
  114. Input: Photo or video taken from a mobile in a highly crowded environment
    Output: individuals with unique outfit/makeup/gesture
  115. Unusual activity, loitering detection in Mall
  116. Input: Real time video stream from surveillance camera in Malls
    Output: Individuals who are loitering in the Mall having random and suspicious waling patterns
  117. Detecting smokers in no smoking areas
  118. Input: Real time video stream from surveillance camera
    Output: individuals who violate the no-smoking rule in the public/private places
  119. Counting animals/birds in a farm land or open area
  120. Input: Real time video stream from drone camera or mobile
    Output: number of total animals/birds in a group category wise

  121. Generating video from photo Gallery of a mobile
  122. Input: Photos of user from the camera
    Output: Video containing the photos presented in an interesting way with animation and music
  123. Hands-free mobile control using frontal camera app
  124. Input: Face gestures fed through the frontal camera of a mobile
    Output: Actions on the mobile such as clicks, swipe, long press etc
  125. Face morphing with Indian cultural face make-ups
  126. Input: Face photo/video taken from the frontal camera of a mobile
    Output: Morphed faces with make-up of Indian regional cultures
  127. Real-time video player for streaming/playing low resolution videos
  128. Input: Low resolution videos of 144p or 180p
    Output: High resolution videos of 720p or 1080p
  129. Fast painting style transfer app to selfies and other photos
  130. Input: Photos taken from frontal or back camera
    Output: Stylised painting like photo based on different painting styles
  131. Singing synchronization app for mixing user voice with music
  132. Input: Audio of song sung by the user
    Output: Mixed song with background music with voice from user audio
  133. Augmented Reality app for animating mobile videos
  134. Input: Videos taken by the users
    Output: Animated videos with animated 3D characters within it
  135. Personalized music recommendation app for mobile
  136. Input: song playlist history, likes and dislikes of the user
    Output: Song recommendations based on user interest, mood and timing
  137. Chatbot for stress buster
  138. Input: User chat comments/questions
    Output: Replies comments that will relieve the stress of the user
  139. Video summarization app for mobile users
  140. Input: Lengthy video from the user
    Output: Short summary video containing interesting segments
    Space Research

  141. Stars recognition using mobile apps
  142. Input: Sky photos taken from mobile camera
    Output: Labelled Stars/star groups on the photos
  143. Environment conditions detection using mobile camera apps
  144. Input: Outdoor photos taken from mobile phones
    Output: Air pollution level, cloud, lighting information detected automatically
  145. Traffic control application using satellite images
  146. Input: Satellite images of roads
    Output: Traffic congestion detection results and recommendations
  147. Detecting popularity of a business venue using satellite images of parking lot
  148. Input: Satellite images of parking lots
    Output: popularity level of that business venue
  149. Satellite farming using remote sensing images/ drone images
  150. Input: Satellite images or drone images of farm lands
    Output: Monitoring, inventory estimation, yield prediction, strategies & plans for farming
  151. Automated drone navigation system
  152. Input: Real time video feed from the drone camera
    Output: Navigation actions and real time physical motion to the target locations
  153. UMV or Drone detection system for border security
  154. Input: Real time video feed from HQ surveillance cameras
    Output: detections of UMV or drones and their locations
  155. Location recognition apps from Airplanes
  156. Input: Photos of land taken from airplanes
    Output: Recognized places and their information
  157. Drone based security system
  158. Input: Real time video stream from drone cameras
    Output: Detected objects, people, animals, activities, accidents, intruders etc.
  159. 3D reconstruction of a building or land using Drone cameras
  160. Input: Aerial video taken from drone camera
    Output: 3D model of the location/buildings

  161. Chatbot development for regional languages
  162. Input: Chat commands written in regional languages
    Output: Automated responses in regional language
  163. Robust face recognition system for loan/insurance fraud prediction
  164. Input: Face photos and related information of a loan applicant
    Output: Detection whether specific applicant has committed loan/insurance fraud
  165. Question answering system for automated customer relationship management
  166. Input: Questions from customers spoken/written in regional languages
    Output: Answers (spoken/written) from the automated system in regional language
  167. Face emotion detection for customer relationship management
  168. Input: Real-time video of customer in a services/customer care place
    Output: Detections of user emotion such as stress, happy for guidance to the service provide or customer care responder
  169. Salient region detection for targeted advertisements placement
  170. Input: Image or streaming video of sports/movie etc.
    Output: Location inside video frame where ad will be posted
  171. Customer emotion detection for telephony customer care
  172. Input: Real-time audio of the customer care call
    Output: Detections of user emotion such as stress, happy for guidance to the customer care responder
  173. Product requirement analysis from social media
  174. Input: comments, reviews from users of particular topic or need
    Output: Detections of whether particular feature or product is currently needed for the customers
  175. Scheduling and planning apps for sales person
  176. Input: Schedule, target, location of the sales person
    Output: Reminders, route recommendations, plans for sales execution
  177. Mobile app for quick prediction of production time and cost
  178. Input: Requested number of quantity and specification of a product
    Output: Production time and cost to make the specific number of products
  179. Work monitoring system for surveillance videos in production environment
  180. Input: Real time video feed from surveillance cameras in a product production environment
    Output: Detection of events, accidents, people activities, loitering etc

  181. News article summarization app
  182. Input: News article in text format
    Output: Summary of news as a short text
  183. News text to video generation app
  184. Input: News article with text and images
    Output: Interestingly presented video with news elements, animations and attractive audio
  185. Fake news alert app
  186. Input: News article with text and images
    Output: Detection results whether article is fake or from trustable source
  187. Provocative article detection for safe surfing
  188. Input: News article with text and images
    Output: Detection results whether article contain controversial/violent content against religious views/national integrity that will induce violence or riot
  189. Finding famous and relevant Tweets of news articles
  190. Input: News article with text and images
    Output: Neatly presented famous tweets from celebrities/active twitter users on specific issues that news article deals with
  191. Personalized News Recommendation App
  192. Input: News articles, previous history of user, ratings etc
    Output: News articles matching interest and history of the user
  193. Multisource news summarization for summarizing news on same topic
  194. Input: Multiple news articles dealing with same news
    Output: Summary of news content as a short text
  195. User emotion detection for news article impact analysis
  196. Input: News article, face images of the user while reading news, history of articles read by user
    Output: Prediction of emotions of a user for different articles
  197. News popularity detection in social media
  198. Input: News article and its relevant social media feed
    Output: Popularity level of a news story
  199. News generation from tweets of certain topic
  200. Input: Twitter feed related to certain event or topic
    Output: Generated news story related to the famous tweets
    Civil Engineering
  201. Prediction of Mix design parameters and compressive strength of Concrete Structures
  202. Input: Different materials and their specifications
    Output: Mix design parameters and their respective Compressive Strength
  203. Real time Monitoring of Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete structure
  204. Input: Images of Corrosion
    Output: Predicting the Corrosion
  205. Crack Detection in Reinforced Concrete structure
  206. Input: Different type of Crack Images
    Output: Predicting the type of crack
  207. Remaining life assessment of structures
  208. Input: Different durability assessment data
    Output: Predicting of remaining life
  209. Estimation of Fixity Factors at Connections in Steel Frame Structures
  210. Input: Strain time history data
    Output: Predicting the fixity factors at connection
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