11th August-13th August, 2018

Toppers of the Assessment Test

Jyothi Nayak BMS College of Engineering

Shailendra Aswale Shree Rayeshwar Institute OF Eengineering & IT, GOA


Feedback of the participants

Rudresh Shirwaikar: Good and experience instructors

Shailendra Aswale: great kick start

Rekha G S: It was a nice experience and learnt about the concepts of AI and Machine Learning

Shylesh b C: Close your eyes, just attend the workshop. It will open your mind.

Dr. Jyothi S Nayak: Deep learning introduced very nicely with good examples

Manish Balaji Narnaware: Excellent

Digambar Padulkar: Dr. Shridhar consents and knowledge delivery was very good. more sessions of Dr. Shridhar required

Dr.Thyagaraju G S: Instead of Assessment , mini programming assignment could be given at the beginning of the workshop.

Anil R. Surve: This w/s is informative and gives confidence in AI n Deep learning

Nagaraj Bhat: Everything was good, Please include more sessions on practical aspect with proper instructions.

Yashaswini A.S: good workshop

Nageswara Guptha M: I have learnt new tools to implement the DL.


Raghavendra M Shet: Very good workshop

Veena B. Mindolli: In total, workshop was very nicely conducted.It was covered all the important basics concepts of Deep Learning. Hospitality was excellent.

Manoj T: Hands-on Learning methods used for Deep Learning

Subhas Meti: Its excellent Platform to clarify and carry forward to your research.

SARITHA A. N: Very good

Poornima: handson session

Jaya M Pattanshetti: more number of participants should take participate in such workshops, about upcoming area in AI

Umadevi F.M.: Future generation technology can be explored by understanding DL

Pramod Bokde: Everyone should learn the deep learning and machine learning. It is very challenging and aspiring field now a days.

Nagaraj Benakanahalli: Workshop was good and well organized.

Chetan Bulla: The way of conduct was nice. gained good knowledge

Anil B. Gavade: no

Aruna S. Nayak: Go ahead and register yourself and grab the opportunity! It opens up a whole new world of learning for you.

Gururaj SP: Well organized

PRABODH C P: A nice workshop to be part of and I will recommend this workshop for future participants.

Kalaiselvi S: Its a real knowledge acquiring platform.


GOMATHI V: A Don't miss programme for researchers

Dattaprasad A. Torse: I request future participants to come prepared with all instructions give on the workshop site. This is very essential as far as hands on sessions are concerned. The good observations is that all the experts who trained us on labs were patient and helped all to complete assignments.


Manjula K Pawar: Conduct as many workshops as possible

B.Nishanthi: Basic knowledge on soft computing is required

Bharathi: A Little slow way of teaching .

Kiran Kataraki: Learning will happen.. go for it..

Praveenraj Pattar: Good presentation by presentator

Vikas Honmane: Increase duration then it will be awesome

Anjana.S: The one and only place to learn deep learning fast to its full extent in a short period of time


List of Participants who Successfully Completed Workshop

1. Akhilesh Vijaysing Rajput

2. Anandraj

3. Anil Surve

4. Anjana S

5. Aruna S. Nayak

6. Bharathi Malakreddy A

7. Chandrashekhar Ashok Kuri

8. Chetan Bulla

9. Dattaprasad A Torse

10. Thamarai Selvi D

11. Digambar Padulkar

12. Dinesh Zende

13. Gururaj S P

14. Jaya M Pattanshetti

15. Jyothi S Nayak

16. Kalaiselvi S

17. Kiran Kamble

18. Kiran Kataraki

19. Manish Narnaware

20. Manjula K Pawar

21. Manohar Madgi

22. Manoj Eknath Patil

23. Manoj Taleka

24. Nagaraj Benakanahalli

25. Nageswara Guptha M

26. Naveen N M

27. Nishanthi Bheeman

28. Poornima Raikar

29. Prabodh C P

30. Pramod Bokde

31. Prashant P Revankar

32. Pratiksha Shetgaonkar

33. Praveenraj Pattar

34. Raghavendra M Shet

35. Rajashekhar Subhas Savadi

36. Rekha G S

37. Rudresh Shirwaikar

38. Saritha A N

39. Shailendra Aswale

40. Shantala

41. Shashikumar G Totad

42. Shylesh B C

43. Subhas A Meti

44. Thyagaraju Gowda

45. Umadevi F M

46. Umadevi V

47. Umesh Chavan

48. Utham Kumar

49. V. Gomathi

50. Veena Mindolli

51. Vijaykumar Bhajantri

52. Vikas Namdeo Honmane

53. Vishwanath B Hiregoudar

54. Yashaswini A S


Free Lunch and snacks will be provided to the participants

Guest House Facility is available for faculty members on FCFS basis. Chargable @ 500 per night

Nearby Hotels for stay
1)The Hans Hotel, Hubli PB Road, Vidyanagar, Hubli - 580031

2)The President Hotel, Hubli - Best Hotel in Hubli #194/1A, Opp Unkal Lake, Srinagar Cross, P.B.Road, Hubli 580031


Contact Person for any query regarding the workshop at KLE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, HUBBALLI, KARNATKA Mr. Mahesh Patil
Phone Number: +91 8073737744

Workshop Coordinator: Prof Satyadhyan Chickerur Phone: 9632601460

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