29th September-01st October, 2018

Toppers of the Workshop

1. Joyjit kour, Model institute Of Engineering And Technology, Jammu

2. Haneet Kour, University of Jammu, Jammu


Overall Feedback of the Workshop

Rakesh Mohan Datt: more of such workshops be conducted

SHAFALIKA VIJAYAL: all have been great

Salim Raza Qureshi: Well conducted

Maajid Bashir:

Rachit Kumar Gupta: Great workshop to enhance knowledge and skill. must participate

zia ul haq kohli: more such workshops should be organized with basic concepts

Chaahat: Excellent to gain knowledge

Joyjit Kour: just join it and feel the other world

Rahul Sharma: Good content and good instructors.

Meenakshi Bhat: Its really going to help the people who are doing some kind of research in deep learning as well as for academia.

kumar sourabh: workshop helped me in many ways. i hope what i have learned will help me in my own area of research.

Mekhla Sharma: Really all should go for it and must participate in the same.

Roopali Jamwal: please conduct one more in our campus

Prince Sumberia: It is must attend workshop if you want to know about deep learning

MUHAMMAD ABDUL BARI: plz come to our city srinagar..........and let us know when is next workshop going to happen and plz send newsletters to our registered emails ...thanks

Sheerin Zadoo: Informative workshop where you have great hands on sessions made easy for you.

pranav singh chib: great mentor ship and better concept clearance .

Dr Sanjay Jamwal: one must attend the workshop for the inspiration to start learning and getting into Deep Learning. Before hand preparation will do the trick.

Malik Mubasher Hassan: Good initiative to promote skill development and to invoke curiosity for research in the said area.

Atul Kumar Ramotra: Everything thing is covered as per schedule right on time with important and meaningful content

Shilpi Gupta: Much useful for those who aspire to work in deep learning and machine learning.

rajneet: "maximum duration of workshop not exceed 4 hours per day, to make it more worthful."

Haneet Kour: Just attend this workshop for atleast one time, You feel a difference in your knowledge after three days.

Prabjot Singh: Very well. Really enjoyed the entire session, every topic was delivered with great enthusiasm

Shallu Gupta:

Avinash Koshal: Introduce some more hands on lab and reduce the theoretical part


List of Participants who Successfully Completed Workshop

1. Atul Kumar Ramotra

2. Avinash Koshal

3. Chaahat Gupta

4. Haneet Kour

5. Joginder Kumar

6. Joyjit Kour

7. Kumar Sourabh

8. Maajid Bashir

9. Malik Mubasher

10. Meenakshi Bhat

11. Mekhla Sharma

12. Muhammad Abdul Bari

13. Prabjot Singh

14. Pranav Singh Chib

15. Rachit Kumar Gupta

16. Rahul Sharma

17. Rajneet Kaur

18. Rakesh Mohan Datt

19. Roopali Jamwal

20. Salim Raza Qureshi

21. Sanjay Jamwal

22. Shafalika Vijayal

23. Shallu Gupta

24. Sheerin Zadoo

25. Shilpi Gupta

26. Shokat Ali

27. Zia Ul Haq Kohli


Contact Person for any query regarding the workshop
Prof. Sahil Sawhney
Phone Number: +91 8713081369

Workshop Coordinator: Prof. Ankur Gupta
Phone: +91 9797522100
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