AI and Deep Learning Workshop at Saintgits College of Engineering, Kottayam, Kerala
25th June-27th June, 2018

Toppers of the Workshop

1. Blossom Treesa Bastian, College of Engineering Trivandrum, Kerala

2. Chenju merin Thomas, Providence college of engineeeing, Chengannur, Kerala

3. Starlet Alex, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology


Overall feedback of the workshop

David SolomonGeorge: presented lot of material in a compact way.

Purusothaman P: Kindly conduct the session for three days duration. As we get more time to practice Problems by applying Deep Learning. Overall Excellent Workshop with good delivery of contents.

Sreenu.G: Practical sessions were good

Starlet: Beneficial

Jisha John: Very Good workshop for beginners to understand the latest developments in Deep Learning

Linu Shine: Excellent opportunity to learn Deep neural networks with hands on

Bineeth Kuriakose: Its good and simple. Instructors are so much helful and engaging.

Dr. Vishnukumar S: It was systematic and informative

Vinitha George E: Some basic knowledge in python and neural network will help. It is essential for researchers who wish to work in this field.

Lekha R Nair: A deep subject covered in a simple way

Nishadha S G: Start research in this area and then attend the workshop

Akhil Jose: Very good initiative.

Gemini George: Workshop gave a clear idea about deep learning applications. The working code which you have shared are very good for understanding the concept. We can explore on top of that code.

Joseph Roney: Such a great workshop, make sure you attend this. The instructors are very friendly, and teach well. You don't need to be some master coder to understand, even the most basic programming knowledge is enough to help you understand everything that is taught, and there is a good deal being taught, even if it just 3 days.

Biku Abraham:

P.RANJITH KUMAR: It is a very good initiative. So all the faculty members can utilize the workshop and develop some applications in mchine learning


Blossom Treesa Bastian: It will help to generate curiosity to learn DL further


Dr.A.Thamizharasi: The workshop is well planned and it covers from basic to advanced concepts.


Chandran V: Kindly make use of this workshop and try to more attentive for all the three days. Prerequisite is the good understanding for basic operation in deep learning.

Aswathy Ravikumar: do come prepared with the pre requsites

Gnanaprakash V: This is the Good platform for the beginners and researchers

Sunitha Krishnan K S: Very useful workshop. Three days will be worth remembering

Elizabeth B Varghese: Got an exposure of deep learning basics and approaches . Hands on sessions are very informative

Saleema.A: Participating in such a workshop had of course improved my knowledge and enthusiasm and it is sure that it will be quite useful in doing my future works.

Dr. ARUN MADHU: Excellent presentation, clarity

Jayakumar T V: Regarding Gifting chocolates to those who ask questions. But that also was not equally distributed

AMITHA ELIZABBHA RAJU: participatng on such workshops helps to keep track with the latest trends.

Nithin Prince John: One of the best workshops that came across in the area of deep learning


Binu Jose A: Thumps Up

Balaji Ganesh R:

INDU V: This workshop gave a clear idea on Deep Learning and the sessions were very much informative. The lab sessions provided were very useful for beginners in this area and we are looking

forward for more sessions like this in future also. SUDHARSANA VIJAYAN:

Chenju Merin Thomas: Still waiting to identify an area of research?? Step into the wide opportunities in Deep learning. Associate with

Abraham George:

Venkatesh R: The workshop was very much useful because only of the experts

Veena A kumar: Very informative and useful

Reema Mathew A: overall idea about deep learning can be achieved

Sheeba babu: The first day presentation was so excellent

REJI R: "Refresh your Neural Network concepts before attending the workshop. You are having an excellent active learning experience through out the workshop. This work shop is really a stepping stone to realm of AI and Deep Learning"

Dr. M. G.Sumithra: Very great initiative from from Leading and Deepak garg and team. More members need to be trained to have more AI work in India

Sita Radhakrishnan: Very effective

Dr.Tessy Mathew: The team led by Deepak Garg done extremely well in sharing the knowledge on AI

Shiji T P: very good

GOPEEKRISHNAN R: I wish to say, to be really meaningful, essential mathematics for the workshop could be done in the beginning day and too for half-a-day.

RITTIN ABRAHAM KURIEN: include more application level examples.

Selvam E: Great Initiative and Hope that leadingindia ai will be a milestone in the Make India into another level

Rahul Antony:

Dr.Joe Francis T: Good effort from the team.

Dr. WIlscy M.: It is a unique one with very good content

arun .k. varghese: It is good workshop

Bobby P Paul: Sure I will comment good.

Dr. M. V. Rajesh: Try to present new programs, slides, and include more programming exercises to make it a success. Really do appreciate the interest and courage to take this new topic and taking it forward by travelling across, teaching and coordinating. Hope we will keep this friendly networking stronger for learning together.


List of Participants who Successfully Completed Workshop

1. Abraham George

2. Akhil Jose

3. Amitha Ellizabha Raaju

4. Arun Madhu

5. Arunk Varghese

6. Aswathy Ravikumar

7. Balaji Ganesh R

8. Biku Abraham

9. Bineeth Kuriakose

10. Binu Jose A

11. Blossom Treesa Bastian

12. Bobby P Paul

13. Chandran V

14. Chenju Merin Thomas

15. David Solomon George

16. Elizabeth Varghese

17. Gemini George

18. Gnanaprakash V

19. Gopeekrishnan R

20. Indu V

21. Jisha John

22. Joe Francis

23. Joseph Roney

24. Karthikeyan Krishnamoorthy

25. Leena Thomas

26. Lekha Nair

27. Lija Jacob

28. Linu Shine

29. M.V. Rajesh Maliyeckal

30. Manivel K

31. Midhlaj Naz

32. Nishadha S G

33. Nithin Prince John

34. P. Umasankar

35. Purusothaman P

36. Rahul Antony

37. Ramprakash T

38. Rani Saritha R

39. Ranjith Kumar

40. Ravishankar S

41. Reema Mathew

42. Reji Ravi

43. Rittin Abraham Kurien

44. Saleema A

45. Santhosh P Mathew

46. Selvam E

47. Senthilkumar C

48. Sheeba Babu

49. Shiji T P

50. Sita Radhakrishnan

51. Sreenu G

52. Starlet Alex

53. Sudharsana Vijayan

54. Sumithra M G

55. Sunitha Krishnan K S

56. Suresh Kumar A

57. Suriya Murugan

58. Tessy Mathew

59. Thamizharasi Ayyavoo

60. Tibin Thomas

61. Valai Ganesh S

62. Veena A Kumar

63. Venkatesh R

64. Vinitha George

65. Vishnukumar S

66. Wilscy M


Other details

* Lunch and snacks will be available to the participants free of cost on workshop days

*Hostel facility is available at 350 INR per day

Nearby Hotels
1. Hotel AIDA, MC Road, Kottayam, 686001, Contact: 0481 2568391
2. Hotel ARCADIA, TB Road, Kottayam 686001, Contact: 0481 2569999
3. Hotel WINDSOR CASTLE, MC Road Kottayam, 686013, Contact: 0481 2363637
4. Hotel EMERALD REGENCY, Njaliakuzhy, Kottayam, 686011, 0481 2460036

Contact Person for any query regarding the workshop at Saintgits College of Engineering, Kottayam, Kerala: Er. Selvam E.
Phone Number: +91 9495582528

Workshop Coordinator: Dr. M.Wilscy
Email:, Mob: +91 9447462529

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