AI and Deep Learning Workshop at National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhampur, Odisha from 1st September, 2018 to 3rd September, 2018

Toppers of the Workshop

1. Bhawani Shankar Pattnaik, National Institute of Science and Technology, Orissa

2. Debananda Kanhar, National Institute of Science and Technology, Orissa


Overall Feedback of the Workshop

Dr. Shom Prasad Das: This is a great workshop for people to start their journey into Deep Learning. Well planned workshop.Great instructors.

K Hemant Kumar Reddy: You need basic of AI and ML

Siddhartha Bhusan Neelamani: This will definitely help the faculty members who can effectively do knowledge transfer to students.

Ranjit Kumar Behera: Yes, everyone should go through this workshop as with in 3days someone definitely will learn what actually, AI,ANN,CNN and RNN is.

Debananda Kanhar: Its the start. So its a best way to start for deep learning applications. There are more to be done by self. Hope to carry this one long and learn more and also produce some paper on it.

Sisira Kumar Kapat: Learn not to get certificate, but to gain knowledge, it is applicable everywhere.

Arunima Sambhuta Pattanayak: It's just a superb workshop to learn the fundamentals of deep learning. The instructors are very co-operative with lots of interest to teach.

Pradeep Kumar Jena: Nicely involving every one during all the sessions

subhasish mohapatra: VERY MUCH ESSENTIAL

Kiran Jyoti Sahu: it was a vast topic in very short period. so it would be good if time duration is increased.

Mohit Ranjan Panda: its really a great exposure for me to attend this workshop.

Bhawani Shankar Pattnaik: At least every one is satisfied with the workshop and its contents

Motahar Reza: CNN and RNN are complex neural network model. Instructor can explain more explicit way. One whole is need for CNN or RNN

Manoj Kumar sahu: It is a very good intiative by Bennet University and Royal academy of management to train people in Deep learning.

Ch Sree Kumar: It is the perfect workshop to start your research in the Deep learning area then this is the right workshop. It is an awesome learning experience.

Satya Ranjan Pattanaik: It is a good platform to help build your career in the field of AI.

CHINMAYA JENA: in this workshop there is many thing to gain and know about many new thing

Rojalina Priyadarshini: It can be a good start for researchers and faculty working in the area of Deep Learning.

Abhaya Kumar Samal: Make the workshop of 1 week duration, more hands on with a small project.

Bimal Prasad Kar: Its an excellent platform to enhance our knowledge on machine learning and deep learning. Its highly recommended.

Chittaranjan Mohapatra: For understanding CNN and RNN its a best platform for researchers.

Ipsita Dalai:

Deepika Rani Sahu: It's an excellent workshop which will be helpful to the beginner's of Python and Deep Learning researchers and students who wants to be an expertise in this area.

JYOTI RANJAN SAHOO: As AI and Deep Learning is the most demanding area now, so most of the people should attend these workshops and start working in this area

Amitav Saran: For an entire view and gaining confidence to proceed in machine learning with python its the best one to attain

Ramakrushna Swain: Study Materials

Dr. Satya Narayan Tripathy:


List of Participants who Successfully Completed Workshop

1. Abhaya Kumar Samal

2. Amitav Saran

3. Arunima Pattanayak

4. Bhawani Shankar Pattnaik

5. Bimal Kar

6. CH Sree Kumar

7. Chinmaya Jena

8. Chittaranajn Mohapatra

9. Debananda Kanhar

10. Deepika Rani Sahu

11. Jyoti Sahoo

12. K Hemant Reddy

13. Kiran Jyoti Sahu

14. Manoj Kumar Sahu

15. Mohit Panda

16. Pradeep Kumar Jena

17. Ramakrushna Swain

18. Ranjit Behera

19. Motahar Reza

20. Riki Dalai

21. Rojalina Priyadarshini

22. Satya Narayan Tripathy

23. Satya Ranjan Pattanaik

24. Shom Prasad Das

25. Siddhartha Bhusan Neelamani

26. Sisira Kapat

27. Subhasish Mohapatra


Contact Person for any query regarding the workshop
Shom Prasad Das
Phone Number: +91 9437044480

Workshop Coordinator: Dr. Sunil Surve
Phone: +91 9437014147
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