AI and Deep Learning Workshop at Pranveer Singh Institute Of Technology, Kanpur
April 13, 2019 to April 14, 2019

Overall Feedback of the Workshop

jaya Dwivedi: theory was covered excellently but lacking in understanding lab part

Harshit Dixit: It was good

Surya Pratap Singh:

Pavitr Asthana: The Workshop provides good amount of knowledge it also has hands on exercise thus is worth the time

Kanishk: It is worth attending.Explored Many of the unexplored and unknown areas of knowledge.

Swastik Tripathi: It should held for long duration and I don't want pre-written codes.

Mayank Gupta: yes

Utkarsh Gupta:

SHAILZA GUPTA: Thank you helping out students like us who are new to data science and need an initiation point in this field.

Avneet Vishnoi: The Workshop is excellent in every perspective. This workshop is very helpful for exploring different areas of Deep learning and giving us enough motivation to carry on this field.

Rohit Singh: Do sleep well at night before the workshop as lectures are long and one might suffer some sleep problem.

Shubham Kumar Singh: Would love to participate in these workshops.

Ankit Chauhan: Workshop conducted very well.It is one of my good workshop which i have attend.

Vishal Pal: A must-attend workshop in order to begin with Deep Learning.

Ayush Kesarwani: I would like to attend that type of interactive workshop in Future.

Ashutosh Verma: Really great workshop, you should obviously join if you are motivated to do innovative task in the field of Deep Learning.

GARIMA RAI: It is good for providing exposure to beginners of ml and dl and its applications.

Anshuman Pandey:

shyam sundar yadav: it was too good

Auchitya katiyar: grab this and i think this gonna be your perfect workshop

shubham yadav: it is better than online course,build basic fundamentals,want to try a hand in ML then it is for you.

Aman Sahu:

Prabhutva Raj Singh: Workshop was awesome and excellent. If one wants to learn deep NN in short period , he must attend the workshop. It would be highly and highly beneficial for him.

ADARSH KUMAR SAHU: vipul sir is very interactive with every student

Saumya Agnihotri: This workshop is really good way to improve your knowledge in deep learning. At the end of the workshop you will really feel that through this workshop you have gained a roadmap.

Shubhanshi Singh: I would like to attend the workshop in the future as well

PAYAL GUPTA: It was a good learning experience. We learned what steps we need to take if are going to make a project on Machine learning and deep learning.

Sushant Agarwal: these 2 days have been very great for me. the hands on experience that i got in the advance ml course was amazing, they are going to help me a lot in my uture planned projects.

Aryendra Kumar Singh: I would be happy if I could be able to join the same workshop by same instructors.

Ayush Singh: "I personally liked the workshop. I want it to be conducted again."

Prerna Singh: "Participate in the will understand everything in easiest way if you are interested in deep learning and machine learning. such an superb workshop."

SUMIT SINGH: this workshop is must to take a next step in the journey of being a good A.I. engineer.

Priyanka Katiyar: Keep trying possible that impossible for everyone.

Apoorva mishra: have patience and with ease and vision to gain knowledge you must raise your queries as the content and instructor both were very good.

Ayush Mohan Awasthi: Have some patience, if you are not getting the content, you can raise to clear your queries. The content and material of workshop is really good.

Sonam Srivastava:

Aastha Prajapati: it was excellent

Avanish Jaiswal: it was very much useful and I learned a lot and it was a great experience with the team

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