AI and Deep Learning Workshop at Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune
13 June-15 June, 2018

Google Map Location of the Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune

Toppers of the Workshop

1. Riya Ravindra Rege, Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune

2. Pravin karma, Institute of Engineering and Technology, DAVV, Indore

3. Rahee Walambe, Symbiosis Institute of Technology


Feedback from the participants

shruti patil: good workshop to attend

Seema Patil: must attend


shubhangi suryawanshi: It was Excellent

Shraddha Phansalkar : Very good for beginners, exhaustive

Sandeep Mane: Attend workshop with well preparation on ANN and basics of Python

Kartik Umesh Sharma: A great initiative and a good opportunity for many of the private institutions to make a mark.

Abhijit Chitre: Good begining in the field of Deep learning.Recommended

Mahesh S Patil: Good workshop with vast coverage on AI

Shreenivas Londhe: All those get a chance must attend

Pooja K: Relevant to current trends

Dr. Bhawna Nigam: The workshop is very useful to get complete knowledge of Deep learning.

Preeti T: The workshop was good.

S.D.Deshpande: good organization

S Khan: Be ready to prepare on your own

Milind Shah: Excellent workshop for beginners.

SSG: Recommended

Suvarna. G.Kanakaraddi: case study development is to be trained.

NIKITA S. PANDE: The workshop is good and effective for the new people to develop interest in Deep learning and AI.

Anand S Meti: Exposure to AI and deep learning concepts

HIMANSHU: Workshop AI and deep learning is really good as you can learn python and run algorithms such as RNN,CNN, and LSTM to address range of important engineering problems.

VIdya Sujitha.R: You will gain good knowledge about AI and Deep Learning

Saurabh: Its a wake-up AI call ...

Dr. Pradnya Dixit: Its a indeed deep learning for deep learning and AI

Sachin Deshmukh: I would say, the workshop is good to gain knowledge about AI and DL , but dont try to attend it if you dont have any basic knowledge of Neural Network

Aditya Maheshwari:

Dr. Virendra Shete: Hands On with the Participants will make such workshop more fruitful.

Yogesh Dandawate: The course content was appropriate and focused on the recent techniques used in Deep learning.

Sayali Sandbhor: It is a good initiative for the beginners.

Dhvani Shah: It is a very great initiative. Would definitely support such great work.

Bhushan Malkapurkar: should go for it and will surely benefited

Pranali Choudhari: Well planned sessions , taking beginners as well as experts in to account. A ood exposure to the applications of NN during lab sessions.


Ambika: Very interesting and upcoming technology

Vaibhav Jain: Those aspirants who want to work in the area of DL, dont miss the workshop

pravin karma: Learnable experience

Nilkamal More: Gives insight of deep learning

Poonam Chaudhari: Good work

Indira Bidari: Good

Naik Deepashri S: professional and pleasant to learn

Himanshu Suyal: its awesome but if possible invest more tie

Jayalaxmi G Naragund: Very good , Please include rural engineering colleges also.

Dr. Ajey Kumar: Must attend it

Tina D'abreo: Its a motivating initiative, participants can get the actual knowledge of mechanism behind the models used, which were just theoretically known to many participants.

Shweta Tiwaskar: Every one must attend this workshop.

Wasudev pingle:

Y Haribhakta: Very Good. Do attend this 3 days workshop.

Sreedevi: Good, Surely will gain knowledge in AI and Deep Learning and also Basics of Python programming.

Madhuri Shinde: It was nice workshop. It will help me a lot in my career

Vaishali Yogesh Baviskar: Very helpful workshop

Dr Sonal K. Jagtap: Train The Trainers kind of Activity

Pankaj Kumar Porwal: It was a good workshop.

Jyoti Lele: "Workshop was very informative, many new concepts we studied and understood that we were enjoying the things which are obsolete now.....So wish you Good Luck for encouraging all Indian students and Researchers in this way. "

Prashant Bartakke: Nice initiative.. worth undergoing the training..

Rasika Kulkarni: "Nice workshop in terms of study material, explanation of instructor . Got the concept of Deep Learning very well"

Dr Roshani Raut: It is an excellent workshop, Resource Person Dr Deepak Garg is excellent

Pranali Prakash Lokhande: Its nice experience to attend the workshop. Interested should do.

Dr. Gend Lal Prajapati : Now we will prepare more and transfer this knowledge to neighboring institutions /faculties.

Kavitha Menon: Overall, it was a great workshop. I would recommend the same to all those who are interested in this area. Well done Dr Garg and team. Cheers.

Charudatt Mahadeo Mane: workshop is good and very well planned

Vansh Soni: Join and learn awesome technologies

Nilesh Deotale: Its really good and fruitful

Ritwik Joshi: This is a very good opportunity to learn about Deep Learning and AI.

Dr. Kranti Vithal Ghag: Excellent for beginners.

Aviansh ASlekar: Every body wanting to learn AI and ML should attend this workshop

Vaishali Hirlekar :

Laxmi Bewoor: Workshop has motivated to work in deep learning and hands on experience provided confidence to work in this area

Dr.Sarange Shreepad: "What ever engineering(Branch) background you will be able to understand only thing is that you need do some home work to get more out of it. "

Vivek bhatt: come and learn

Priyanka Pranav patel: Must to attend

Ajay Bhagwat: Academicians have a great opportunity to learn from motivated instructors and they must go for it.

Anil: Those who want to kick-start should attend this workshop

Vibha Vyas: Please keep this initiative going on

Dilip Thosar: Just attend this. Talk later.

Rahee Walambe : This workshop is good if you are just starting out in machine learning/deep learning. If you have some information, this offers a good brush up.

Preeti Mulay: Very informative

gurunath kampli: IF you have a little programming background, and if you want to delve into ML, DL and AI, this is the workshop for you.

Diptee Ghusse: Next time time workshop arrange for 5 days.

Hariram Chavan: very good but need to pay attention continuously


List of Participants who Successfully Completed Workshop

1. Aaditya Maheshwari

2. Abhijit Chitre

3. Ajay Bhagwat

4. Ajey Kumar

5. Ambika Pawar

6. Amol Adamuthe

7. Anand S Meti

8. Anil Jadhav

9. Avinash Makarand Aslekar

10. Bhawna Nigam

11. Charudatt Mane

12. Dhvani Shah

13. Dilip Thosar

14. Diptee Ghusse

15. Gend Lal Prajapati

16. Gurunath Kampli

17. Hariram Chavan

18. Himanshu Agrawal

19. Himanshu Suyal

20. Indira Bidari

21. Ishaan Kale

22. Jayalaxmi Naragund

23. Jyoti Lele

24. Kalyani Kadam

25. Kanchan Pujari

26. Kartik Umesh Sharma

27. Kavitha Menon

28. Ketan Kotecha

29. Kranti Ghag

30. Laxmi Bewoor

31. Madhuri Shinde

32. Mahesh Patil

33. Meeta Kumar

34. Milind Shah

35. Neeru Bhagat

36. Nikita Pande

37. Nilesh Deotale

38. Nilkamal More

39. Pankaj Porwal

40. Pooja Kamat

41. Poonam Chaudhari

42. Pradnya Dixit

43. Pranali Choudhari

44. Pranali Lokhande

45. Prashant Bartakke

46. Pravin Karma

47. Preeti Mulay

48. Preeti T

49. Priyanka Patel

50. Rachna Sable

51. Rahee Walambe

52. Rasika Kulkarni

53. Ritwik Joshi

54. Riya Rege

55. Roshani Raut

56. Shiv Dutta Mishra

57. Sachin Deshmukh

58. Sandeep Uttam Mane

59. Satyajeet Khare

60. Saurabh Shah

61. Sayali Sandbhor

62. Seema Patil

63. Shilpa Gite

64. Shilpa Hudnurkar

65. Shoeb Khan

66. Shraddha

67. Shreenivas Londhe

68. Shreepad Sarange

69. Shruti Patil

70. Shubhangi Suryawanshi

71. Shweta Tiwaskar

72. Sonal Jagtap

73. Sreedevi S Nair

74. Suryakant Deshpande

75. Suvarna G Kanakaraddi

76. Swati Ahirrao

77. Tina D'abreo

78. Vaibhav Jain

79. Vaishali Hirlekar

80. Vaishali Pujari

81. Vaishali Yogesh Baviskar

82. Vansh Soni

83. Vibha Vyas

84. Vidya Sujitha

85. Virendra Shete

86. Vivek Bhatt

87. Wasudev Pingle

88. Y Haribhakta

89. Yogesh Dandawate


other details

*Free Lunch and snacks will be provided to the participants

*Hostel facility will be charged at 500 Rs per night, which can be shared by two persons. Shared rooms are available for three people, for which charges are 1000 Rs per night for three people.

Nearby Hotels :1. The Orchid Hotel (Balewadi, Baner) 2.Tamanna Hotels (Hinjewadi, Pune)

Contact Person and Workshop coordinator for any query regarding the workshop at Pune
Prof Seema Patil
Email :
Phone Number : +91 9881404330

Workshop Coordinator :
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