AI and Deep Learning Workshop at Marwadi University, Rajkot
01st June-03rd June, 2018

Workshop Toppers

1. Siddhant Bansal, Vishwakarma Government Engineering College, Ahmedabad

2. Hiren Anantkumar Kotadiya, Marwadi University, Gujarat


Feedback of the Workshop by the participants

Dr. Amit Lathigara: Go through prerequisite and participate actively in workshop

Chhaya Zala: Nice iniciative

Harsh Mehta: Before attending workshop,come with preparation.

Dr. Sailesh Iyer: AI is an emerging field and knowledge mandatory

Shrimali Rahulkumar Bhikhabhai: Best ever workshop of my Life..Must attend by all students and faculty members ..

Nikunj Tahilramani: Attain this workshop to get the skills on AI

Tejas Chauhan:

Jay Teraiya: It is good initiative.


Dr Kotak Paresh: essential for upcoming era



Rajendrasinh Jadeja: Read the Materials provided on the web Leading India

Chauhan Dimple R.: It was very usefull. I leaned new things with good amount of guidance.

Prajapati Ashish B: Excellent, Extraordinary,

Hiren Anantkumar Kotadiya: A great learning experience. A perfect start for AI research.

Krunal Vaghela: Good combination of theory and practicals.

Dr. Kiran Trivedi: I would like to say about leadingindia initiative is mission for revolution in India and we all must contribute to it. Taking and giving support from all institutes around India will sure lift Indian technology perspective to a greater height. India has potential and we just need to streamline it using this mission

Sheetal S. Pandya:

Abhilash Maheshkumar Shukla: Content cover in enough depth with clarity. if someone interested to work in area of AI this this is good start up.

Ishita Bhatt: This workshop is designed in such a way that it is helpful to learn from basics to some complicated concepts in a very easy to learn and absorb envirnoment. Found it very useful and inspiring to work in AI and Deep learning Domain.

Dr Vaibhav Gandhi:

Zarana Kannai: Thank you for given the opportunity and it was really a beneficial to drawn out my skill towards research work

KOTAK NISHITH ASHOKKUMAR: Really it is a nice initiative that has been taken up. This will surely boost the enthusiasm for research work to the young blood of our nation. Such workshops will surely lead the nation as a developed one overtaking the technology advancement of other developed nations.

Kaushal Jani: This was the best workshop Iíve ever attended in 8 years of teaching. Thank you so much!!!!

Dhruvi Marsonia: "This workshop is so much helpful to faculty , students and researchers also who's want to go though the AI "

Meghnesh Jayswal: Highly Informative, Indepth Knowledge

Ashish Revar: Future participants will come to know that what is strength of Python after this workshop.

Dr. Rohitkumar Mohanlal Thanki: Workshop covers basic fundamentals of deep learning area, programming aspects of deep learning area and basic applications based on deep learning algorithm which will help beginner to get basic idea of deep learning research area.

Dinesh Kumar: Concepts were explained with suitable graphics and practical examples.

Navjyotsinh Jadeja: The workshop of was wonderful in its way a dive into the deep learning environment. Also it enlightened the learning concepts needed to drive the research, students learning and in turn the country towards making it AI power in the coming days. The diversity and possibility it brings, this surely will be the stepping stone for bright future for the Country's tech quotient.

Akash Bhatt: Awesome experience and we have got the depth of knowledge about AI and deep learning

Rajendrakumar Patel: It's a ice breaking initiative to create skilled manpower in the field of AI. I highly appreciate the initiative by wishing a great success.

Vaibhav Mehta:

Dr Sneha Gautam: Prepare your self about AI before to come

Dr Amit Sata: well organized; timely delivered talk

Dr. Ritesh Ramesh Palkar: The AI workshop is new platform for the Indian scholars/ technocrats to achieve the new heights of success in this era.

Siddhant Bansal: This workshop is the best way to get introduced with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning and get some insights of how to move forward in this domain.

Shobhitkumar Patel: It's perfect fit for the AI and deep learning learners

Chandrasinh Parmar: This workshop helps to motivate us for the field of AI even if not having rigorous coding background.Professor Garg and team has enlighten participants with all coarse and fine in and out of AI. Participants also got help to visualize different fundamentals through minor variation in the tuning parameters. Kanubhai K Patel: It is really very informative and learnable workshop. Many new theses were proposed by the instructors.

himanshu chaturvedi: availability of very basic concepts pdf before session 4days.

Hiren Anandwani: AI is the coming decade. Learn to create new decade !

Dharmesh Bhalodiya: "few years ago, i am afraid of AI concepts because its hard to digest. But the way of content delivery and by hands-on exercise. confident enough to carry my research work in AI and Deep Learning only :)

Ashish Kumar Srivastava: Great initiative of Team, explained large set of content with practice session and demonstration in short span of time.

Chhaya C Patel:

Kashyap Thummar: This kind of workshop is very useful. I never think about that, AI and deep learning could be applied in Pharma field. but Now I am thinking on it and definitely I am extending this concept in my field.

Ravirajsinh S Vaghela: jet set go with project base workshop

BALJEETSINGH SUCHARIA: This is must have workshop. This subject / domain can't be skipped by the future techies. This baby step would change your perspective on how you do your projects.

Archana Gondalia: In one line if I say than "Hindustan ke Ujjval Bhavishya ke Liye ye Workshop Jarur bhare"

Seema Patel: It was just awesome experience at all in all manner.

Dr VIPUL PATEL: The based of deep learning must be better to understand first before goin in detail

Bhagirath Parshuram Prajapati: Worth attending

Jatin Ambasana: Workshop has got a prospectively good options to build your career in AI and Deep Learning. It will also update the participants with latest trends and techniques of this field.


List of Participants who Successfully Completed Workshop

1. Abhilash Maheshkumar Shukla

2. Akash Bhatt

3. Amit Lathigara

4. Amit Vinodbhai Sata

5. Archana Bharatbhai Gondalia

6. Ashish Revar

7. Avani R. Vasant

8. Baljeetsingh Sucharia

9. Bhagirath Parshuram Prajapati

10. Chandrasinh Dhirubha Parmar

11. Chhaya C. Patel

12. Chhaya Meghalkumar Zala

13. Dharmesh J. Bhalodiya

14. Dimple Rajeshbhai Chauhan

15. Dinesh Kumar

16. Himanshu Chaturvedi

17. Hiren Anantkumar Kotadiya

18. Hiren Tejaram Anandwani

19. Ishita Bhatt

20. Jatin Rajesh Ambasana

21. Jay Teraiya

22. Kanubhai K Patel

23. Kashyap Naranbhai Thummar

24. Kaushal Jani

25. Ketan B. Rathod

26. Kiran Trivedi

27. Kotak Paresh

28. Krunal N. Vaghela

29. Marsonia Dhruvi Navinbhai

30. Meghnesh Jayswal

31. Mehta Harsh Parimal

32. Nikunj Tahilramani

33. Nishith Kotak

34. Prajapati Ashish Bharatbhai

35. Rajendrakumar D Patel

36. Rajendrasinh Jadeja

37. Ravirajsinh S Vaghela

38. Ritesh Ramesh Palkar

39. Rohitkumar Mohanlal Thanki

40. Sailesh Iyer

41. Seema Satishkumar Patel

42. Sheetal Shashikantbhai Pandya

43. Shobhitkumar Patel

44. Shrimali Rahulkumar Bhikhabhai

45. Shruti

46. Siddhant Bansal

47. Sneha Gautam

48. Suresh Nathabhai Nakum

49. Tejas Chauhan

50. Vaibhav Gandhi

51. Zarana Kanani


*Faculty Guest House will be provided free to the participants.

*Participants will get free Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner fort the workshop days

*Hotel nearby Marwadi University: BIZZ-Inner Circle-Reflection,Dr Yagnik Rd,Rajkot

Contact Person for any query regarding the workshop at Rajkot
Dr. Rajesh Patel
Email :
Phone Number : +91 9099095048

Workshop Coordinator :

Dr. R.B.Jadeja
Email :

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