Research Group

Creating High quality Research Groups and maturing them to a self-sustainable entity is one of the ambitions of the project. The salient points of the activites surrounding the research groups are given below. Every research group will work in a specific domain. Domain areas are also listed below

Research groups working will encompass the following points:

  1. Training Workshops on Deep Learning and Machine Learning
  2. National Conferences to engage wider community
  3. Project competitions in the areas of AI and Machine Learning
  4. Symposiums and Visits of Eminent People in AI
  5. These Research group will apply for additional funding from different schemes and also explore the possibilities of private funding, Industry support
  6. Depending upon the deliverables; groups may be partially supported by respective institutions
  7. High quality and indexed Journals and Conference publications
  8. Phd and MTech Student Co-advising
  9. Research Sabbaticals for members of Research Group
  10. Research oriented student projects will become feasible for Senior Years in UG
  11. Industry-oriented capstone or senior-design projects may be taken up
  12. Industry Visits and orientation will be felicitated
  13. Industry will work on few applications of mutual interest with these research groups
  14. It will help in defining some recent and critical research problems for the research groups
  15. Research groups will be exposed to different institutions for collaborative work
  16. Research groups will be able interact with the UK partner
  17. Depending upon their specific research problems they will get access to a wider network of labs and researchers through Bennett University

Domain Areas in which the research groups will be working


  1. Drug Management & Safety
  2. Tumor Analysis
  3. Cancer Care
  4. Medical Image Analysis
  5. Medical Insurance
  6. Personalized Treatment
  7. Health Monitoring
  8. Disease Forecasting
  9. Eye Disease Management
  10. Epidemic Outbreaks Monitoring
  11. Elderly Care
  12. Transcultural Care
  13. Physiotherapy
  14. Telemedicine
  15. DNA, Gene Analysis
  16. Computational Biology

  17. Agriculture

  18. Plant Health Monitoring
  19. Storage and Inventory Management
  20. Plantation Monitoring
  21. Pest Management
  22. Water and Soil Conservation
  23. Faster Plantation and Cropping
  24. Satellite Farming
  25. Monitoring using Remote Sensing

  26. Space Research

  27. Guidance, navigation, and control
  28. Security Intelligence
  29. Climate Risk Management
  30. Environment Change Monitoring
  31. Remote Sensing
  32. Processing Multimodal Sensor Data
  33. Telescopic Image Processing (Astronomy)
  34. Planetology
  35. Map Annotation & Management

  36. Cyber Security

  37. Network Intrusion Prevention
  38. Anti-Malware Management
  39. Online Scam Prevention
  40. Network Activity Monitoring
  41. Data Security and Privacy Protection

  42. Education

  43. Student performance monitoring
  44. Smarter Evaluation
  45. Teaching and Pedagogy
  46. Predicting student performance
  47. Smart Interactive teaching and Learning
  48. Lecture Video Analysis

  49. Video Processing

  50. Video Content Analysis & Retrieval
  51. Autonomous Driving
  52. Surveillance Security & Monitoring
  53. Compressed Sensing
  54. Quality Control using Machine Vision
  55. Assistive Technology for Visually Impaired Citizens
  56. Real-time Transcription
  57. Human Computer Interaction
  58. Video Generation
  59. Home automation
  60. Video Summarization
  61. Smart Traffic Management
  62. Driving Assistance

  63. Audio and Natural Language Processing

  64. Audio and Natural Language Processing
  65. Speech recognition for Regional Languages
  66. Translation for Regional Languages
  67. Text Summarization
  68. Personalized Information Retrieval
  69. Text Content Annotation and Retrieval for regional Languages
  70. Search Engine for Regional Languages

  71. Business

  72. Sales Monitoring
  73. Market basket analysis
  74. User Behavior Analysis
  75. Competitive Sales & Marketing
  76. Customer Relationship Management
  77. Customer Segmentation
  78. Product Development
  79. Digital Marketing
  80. Customer Support Automation
  81. Product Recommendation
  82. Ad Targeting
  83. Financial Market Analysis

  84. Insurance

  85. Fraud Detection
  86. Insurance Risk Analysis

  87. Banking

  88. Decision Support
  89. Fraud Detection
  90. Loan Risk Analysis
  91. Customer Segmentation

  92. Crime

  93. Crime Pattern Analysis
  94. Crime Monitoring & Prediction
  95. Criminal Behavior Analysis and Segmentation

  96. Social Media Analytics

  97. Opinion Mining
  98. Market Requirement Analysis
  99. Fake News & Rumor Monitoring Control
  100. Political opinion mining for popularity prediction
  101. User Privacy & Security Management
  102. Personal Content Management

  103. Entertainment

  104. Face Detection and Applications
  105. Real-time Mobile Augmented Reality
  106. 3D Reconstruction
  107. Automated Multimedia Generation
  108. Multimedia Quality Management
  109. Multimedia Compression
  110. Affective Computing
  111. Automated Game Playing
  112. Text to Speech Generation for Regional Languages

  113. Miscellaneous

  114. Brain-Computer Interface
  115. Network Simulation

Review Parameters For Research Group Progress

Outcomes and Progress will be measured using following parameters

Working of the Group

Adhering to timeline as per the guidelines, proactive response to emails from the mentors and providing required information, Creating a broader eco-system to synergize this initiative with other institutional activities, Number of regular/consistency in meetings or interactions happened both within and outside the research group


Training students, research Scholars and teachers who may help them to do project/research, Certifications in DLI, cloud, Azure,Data Science, Machine Learning, AI Courses.


Papers published in top conferences and journals (Only Scopus and SCI Journals will be considered), Grant written/submitted relevant to group research (International,National and State Funding Agencies).


Development of new student projects, Contribution to the research community in terms of sharing archive of resources/datasets, code contribution: Progress in programming publicly available code in Github, Making new mobile apps or products useful to the society, innovations and startups.


Creating meaningful image and perception to the outside world by regular, impactful coverage in social/print media, organizing competitions, international/industrial experts related to AI visiting your institution, Creating your perception as a quality AI group, Industrial and International Collaborations: Level of interaction/collaboration with industry/Academia.

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